1. Loneliness


The worst thing in life is to be lonely

Alone in your own darkness

Prisoner of your own mind and feelings


Your life is a pain

Others around you are evil

You want to talk with them

Want to be with them

But you are only human

They are immortals


You are in prison

The prison of your psyche

A prison no other can release you from

Only your own mind


But to break free

To destroy the psychic walls

You need help

Help from the immortals

The ones who doesn’t see you

Who doesn’t see pain and self-destruction?


You want to be an immortal too

Want to always be happy

Know what love is

But you are still only human

A thing in the dark cloud


But how do you break out of the prison

The immortals don’t see you, don’t hear you

You want paradise

You get pain and suffering


To come out of the madness

There is a way

A golden light

A way to paradise

You are only human

Blood and flesh

A creature of violence and death

The way to paradise


A knife

A magnificent tool

But where to use it

How to use it

The paintbrush who paint red


The self-destruction has begun

The madness no one can stop

The way to paradise

The place of love, faith and light


It’s a power the immortals don’t have

Don’t understand

They call me sick

They see me

They avoid me


The darkness comes closer

Kills me slowly

It doesn’t hurt

Its pure passion

Who should have thought life was a curse


The blood falls on the ground

The stream of the red is so big

So beautiful

The sign on a hard life

A cursed life


Who will ever miss me?

Who will ever discover me in my red dress of blood?

The most beautiful clothes I’ve ever had

I'm only human.

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