Berlin Pastoral

This is the story of Uschi, Susi and Tom who live peacefully on a balcony in Berlin. When a baby comes along, their idyllic relationship in a very small space is threatened but using cunning and creativity, they make do. First published by Fatboy Review now re-issued for this mobile format. I'm working on a German translation to be published here, too. This story will only be online for a while as a teaser for the publication of my collection of short stories by MadHat Press |


6. Height of Summer


But suddenly it's all over: Susi posts the picture of a famous supermodel to be assassinated. She receives a letter saying that she was fired for violating photo copyrights. “Don’t worry,” she tells her roommates, “I’m the best they have.” She picks up the baby, which still hasn’t got a name, with one hand, pulls her gun out with the other and shoots a man off the roof opposite.

"You can’t blame the agency for wanting to tie up loose ends,“ she says and shrugs. But nobody is worried. Summer is at its height, and it isn't too hot or too cold but just right. Killing strangers and blogging about black ops has been a welcome distraction from their routine, and the money has been great, too, but they all agree that what really matters is friendship.

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