Package Received

We follow Aelia Canterbury as her home turns into something else. An enemy. She learns never to underestimate the powers of love.


7. Trapped


I exhaled in relief as the knife hit the chink in the wall, that only a couple seconds ago, was firing at me, with full speed. God. When is this going to stop? I sat down on my knees, breathing hard. I tried to examine my wounds. The bite marks on my arm had reopened, with all my sudden movements. I lifted my t-shirt, only to reveal a huge bruise, right where the hammer, flew at me.  

 I allowed myself five minutes of rest. I closed my eyes slowly. I was so tired. Five minutes. Then you have to get moving.

When I opened my eyes, I nearly screamed out of rage. I had fallen asleep. I looked down at the necklace. 08:57:15. No way. I have just wasted a valuable hour! Dammit Aelia, why! I was so mad at myself, that I almost didn’t notice, the bandages on my arm, had been refreshed. In fact, all my wounds looked better. My hands fiddled as I got up, and came across a little yellow post it note.

Better hurry. Before it’s too late.

That was all it said. I was getting really sick and tired of this ‘game’. Had he been in here? Touched me, and nursed me back to health, while I was sleeping? The thought almost made me throw up. He had been in here. I stomped my way to the living room, that being my small way of defying him. The red curtains hung before, looking very formal. The two big chairs, one yellow, one green, inhabitated the room. The sight of them sent a little wave of calmness through me. But then something caught my eye. The framed picture of my whole family, was lying on the floor, shattered. I took a deep breath. Refreshed anger coursed through my veins. That was enough.

“Are you ready for your next challenge?” the voice, which I despised rang through my ears.

“Well, what have you got for me?” I answered trying to act deferential, but it came out sarcastic. Whatever.

“You’ll see…” Not once, has he given me clear instructions. That was it.

“What do you want from me!?” I screamed at him.

“Oh, you’re a feisty one, aren’t you? If you think about it, you would know. As I said; you’ll see.” His voice sounded restrained. Annoyed.

I closed my eyes. Took a deep breath. Cleared my head. That’s when the green fog entered from the kitchen. What the Hell? Oh dear Lord. This ought to be good. The fog had the consistency of smoke, but headed straight toward me. It was close to the ground but building up. it was crawling on the ground.I knew no weapon would match this. I had to leave, yet my feet fell frozen. It wandered to my feet, and started to rise. That’s when I ran. The acrid smell burned my nostrils. But to my pleasant surprise, I realized the three doors leading out of there, were all closed. I tried opening all of them, but they were locked. Was it poisonous? Was I going to die, right there and then? The fog had risen up to my eye height. With each breath I took, the more despair it filled my heart with. My head felt cloudy. I wavered, trying to stand up. Woozy. Unstable. That’s how I felt.  The light shining from the window was annoying my eyes. What was I going to do? I put my hand on a small table, to steady myself.  Wait a minute.

My only option scared me. I had never done anything like that before. With haste I opened the window, with the speed my befuddled hands could master. My ears started ringing. When I had finally opened the window fully, my delusional brain, let my body force itself out, before losing balance, and spiraling toward the ground. The only problem was, that the window, from which I jumped, was on the second floor. 

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