Package Received

We follow Aelia Canterbury as her home turns into something else. An enemy. She learns never to underestimate the powers of love.


2. The Ticking


I was running up my driveway, coming home from my usual morning run. I was feeling great and refreshed, the way I always do after a run. A package was resting innocently on my doorstep, just waiting for me open it. It was a little cardboard box, no bigger than a coffee cup.

I hadn't ordered anything in days, so I had no idea what might be in it. Or who sent it, for that matter. But all that didn't matter. When you get a package, you get excited. That's just the way things works.     It was November 2nd, 2019. Clouds were storming and the wind was picking up. It was that kind of weather, that you wouldn’t really notice anything, except maybe, that there wasn't as much sun as normally. To me, it was obvious that a storm was brewing. It was as if the sky was holding its breath, just waiting for the exact moment to let go.

I grabbed the package, curious by its sudden appearance. I had only been gone for ten minutes.


This was my Grandparents old home. My Grandpa had set a swing up in a huge oak tree, where I walked over and sat down. When they had passed away I inherited their house. It was huge, in the suburbs of Atlanta. The package rested in my lap. It was a brown cardboard box, with a simple red ribbon on it. On the front my name stood in big fat letters. I shook it a little, and it rattled. I couldn’t take it anymore. I undid the ribbon, and opened the box.

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Inside was a beautiful necklace. It was pure silver, almost white. It was simple yet stunning. It was like a leaf woven with diamonds. There was a little keyhole on the back. Carefully I took it out of its box and put it safely around my neck.

A hummingbird flew past me. A squirrel climbed up the tree. A leaf fell down. For a second nothing happened. Then I heard a click. The necklace seemed to lock itself to my skin. I touched it with the tip of my finger. It was burning hot, but it felt completely normal around my neck.

A voice pierced the silence, and sent a shiver through my heart. “You have 12 hours to find the key. Complete the challenges and find your freedom.” A loud ticking started.

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