Package Received

We follow Aelia Canterbury as her home turns into something else. An enemy. She learns never to underestimate the powers of love.


3. Confusion


My heart stopped. What was going on? Who the Hell had given me this? Don't overreact now. Pull yourself together. I fiddled with the lock, but it wouldn't nudge. I tried pulling the necklace off, but nothing happened. Why won't you leave my neck! I was tugging and pulling, attempting to open the lock. Dammit.  I scrambled for the package.

                                                                           Aelia Canterbury.

That was all it said. I flipped it over and it was blank, terribly blank. This person had come to my house while I was running, and put the package on my doorstep. Did I know this person? Who would do something like this? I was thirsting for answers. I found myself lying on the ground. Get up, I told myself. Get up. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to lie there until it all went away. Should I call the police? Should I call my parents? The thoughts flew around in my head, but no answer came to mind. What if it’s a joke? A little voice in the back of my head said. What if the prankster just comes out of the bushes right now, laughs and that’s it? I hope so.    

I managed to get myself to stand up. “Hello? Is anyone there?” I stood on my toes to see if anyone was hiding in the trees. I was surprised by my voice. Normally it was low and confident. Now it sounded like a croak. Fragile and hoarse.    

It had started to drizzle slightly, the clouds overhead turning darker, and darker.

If this was for real I had to get moving. 12 hours? Then what happens? My hands searched through the pockets of my shorts until I found my keys. My heart was racing as I walked up the red brick road that led to my front door. I usually used my back door, because it opens to the kitchen. The front door led into a huge fancy dining room, where I never spent my time. I only used it for Christmas or Thanksgiving, when my family came over to visit. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where my parents still live.

I wish I was there right now. I inserted the key and turned it slowly. With every sound I made, I cringed. It was so silent, I could hear each breath I made, each heartbeat. The voice, I thought as I entered the green carpeted dining room. I shut the door. For the first time I was afraid to set foot in my own home. Do you know that voice? It was a male voice. I racked my mind, but I couldn’t identify it. It had seemed to come from the necklace, which was still ticking. I looked down, and saw a little clock had formed. It was a countdown.

11:51:45  time left.


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