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We follow Aelia Canterbury as her home turns into something else. An enemy. She learns never to underestimate the powers of love.


9. Animal

I needed to get a weapon, something to defend myself with. I looked around the yard, scouting the landscape for possible options. The only thing close to a weapon was the rake, my grandfather used, when he was planting tomatoes, and the mosquito spray, standing near the basement door. The clouds overhead were turning darker and darker, so I knew it wouldn’t be to long before the rain would come. I turned on the water from the hose, and drank the cool, clean water gulp after gulp. I hadn’t had anything to drink since this morning. I felt revitalized and refreshed after a while, and I knew I was ready. In one hand I held the rake, in the other the mosquito spray. When I was a child I had accidentally sprayed myself in the eye, with the stuff, so I knew how painful it could be.

I checked my backdoor and basement door, but as I suspected they were locked. He wouldn’t let me in again until my business here, was finished. Time went by and I was almost getting anxious. Is he deliberately wasting my time? I had been wandering around, not stepping on anything that could jump out at me. I was dying to jump on my trampoline, for just a minute of happiness, but sadly I couldn't. What if I released some wild challenge? I walked all around the garden and put my arms on the fence that separated me from the vineyard below. My grandpa grew grapes and blueberries down there, and further away was a hill, on which stood many trees. There was even a zip line, leading from the hill all the way to the little path behind my backdoor.   

Then I heard it. A deep rumbling of some sort. I looked all around me but it seemed to come from beneath. I squinted my eyes and looked into the trees. Growling? Was that what I heard? The forest floor on the hill was filled with autumn leaves, all of them brown and dead.  

All of a sudden they came pounding out. A whole pack of them. What were they? Wolves. There was at least six of them, running full speed. Toward me. Fear surged through me, but I knew what I had to do. Release the animal instinct in me.

Step 1) Run.

Step 2) Defend

Step 3) Attack

Step 4) Escape

I made a mental note in my mind. I had to be fearless. I had sort of subconsciously made a plan, and I was already activating it. I pulled a bench toward my porch, which was at the same height as the first floor. It stood above the ground on a long, thick piece of wood, which held it up. Underneath the porch was a huge sandbox, in which my siblings and I had played in, when we were small. The porch was pretty far up but I think I could handle it. I was standing on the bench when a smashed the rake into the net, that worked as the walls, all around the porch. A hole. Great. I kept punching holes faster and faster with more determination. The wolves were gaining in on me, and when I had created a hole big enough for me, I threw the rake and the spray onto the floor inside. I tried reaching through the hole to get a hold of something, anything. Of course it was just a smooth surface.

Instead I grabbed the area where the net had been attached, and heisted myself as far up as I could. I was halfway in, but the wolves were almost there. Now I could reach the leg of the green couch standing there. I took hold of it and pulled myself all the way in, except my feet. The wolves were on the ground, jumping furiously upwards. Some even got their paws inside. How was I going to fight six carnivores? As I thought about my next move, I studied their looks. “Great, you have rabies,” I said as I saw the white froth around their mouths. When I spoke they barked louder, more aggressively. One of them got their arm so far in, they accidentally poked the mosquito spray, so it rolled and stopped as it bumped into my feet. Oh!  I grabbed it and stepped as close as I dared.

Psssshhhhhhhhhh the spray hissed, as I aimed for the first set of eyes. The grey wolf I hit, closed its eyes and started yelping as it fell backwards, blinded. '

Hmmmmm, this is effective. Pssssssssssssssshhhhhhh, one right after another. At last they were all lying on the ground, but they weren’t nearly finished. They had only damaged their eyes, and only for a little period of time. Then I took the rake off the floor and rammed it into the nearest one, on the ground. I couldn't use it on all of them, so I aimed for one and sent it flying into its stomach. The sound it made after that, sent a shudder through my spine. But I knew it had to die, for me to survive. I opened the only door attached to the porch and stepped into the kitchen. When I had gathered what I needed I stepped outside again. Five knives now laid on the table, which I had set there, waiting for me to use them. I took one, sent it flying. Then another, and another. I was aiming for their hearts, so they could die quicker and less painfully. I fired the last two, and heard the final whimper fade into silence, as I stepped inside the kitchen.


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