The Book

When Cassy's best friend, Talia, disappears after reading a very suspicious and mysterious book about a girl with a horrible life, Cassy is heartbroken. She doesn't suspect that the Book has anything to do with the bad things that happened to Talia. She has no idea that the tragedies and catastrophes that happened to Talia are surprisingly similar to what happened in the Book. Cassy is so intrigued in the mysteries she is uncovering in the book, that she doesn't realize knows too much as well. Will she keep reading the book, and risk everything she has in life? Will she finally find Talia or is she gone forever? Is the Book a joke, or is it the thing that may cause Cassy's disappearance?


1. The Good, The Bad and The Book

Tap tap tap tap tap. Talia tapped the table as she read the depressing events happening to Natalia from The Book. Talia swiftly swept a tear from her eye as she read on about the fire in Natalia's house. She pictured Natalia choking, screaming, running for her life, but knowing that she's leaving her parents in the burning house whilst leading her sister, Skye, out of the death trap. Dadada! Talia's phone beeped, letting her know that she had a text, and making the whole library jump. "What have I told you about that phone Talia Pennybuckle?" The librarian said, suddenly appearing in front of Talia, so discreet that it had twp minutes before seemed that she was motionless or asleep. Talia held her cold gaze for as long as she could, but couldn't stand the look of unhappiness and sourness on the wrinkly old woman's face. She looked as if she had a lemon in her mouth, pouting without even realizing. "Uh....Sorry, I guess", the 14 year old replied, in a harsh and cheeky tone. The librarian scowled with her sour lemon face. Talia thought about The Book as she stared into the elderly woman's face. She thought about the horror and guilt that Natalia must have felt as she ran from the house. She thought and thought and thought about how she would feel if the situation had happened to her, but she couldnt even picture it. "Please leave!", the librarian exclaimed, her voice husky and strange. You could very clearly see that Talia had hurt her. "NOW!" she shouted, turning a horrible shade of red, making it even more clear that she was angry and hurt. Talia gathered up her things. Not a lot was there, just a phone, a make-up bag, and a bookmark. "Wait!" Talia called out to the moody woman. "Can I check out this book on my library card?" The librarian stopped. She slowly turned around, her old shoes squeaking on the creaky floorboards. She stared at Talia with a face full of hurt and surprise. "Just take it! I don't want to see you back here Talia Pennybuckle, you are no longer allowed entry to the Timble Falls library" Talia picked up her book and her bag and walked out of the library's rusty old door. Her feet softly patted on the path as she walked towards the underpass. Her mind was full of the book. She thought about what happened to Natalia before the fire. About how she'd been kicked out of the reading hall in the Thumbletrips Community Centre. She thought about how similar her life was to Natalia's. She hoped it was just a coincidence, and that her house and family would be fine that night.

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