The Book

When Cassy's best friend, Talia, disappears after reading a very suspicious and mysterious book about a girl with a horrible life, Cassy is heartbroken. She doesn't suspect that the Book has anything to do with the bad things that happened to Talia. She has no idea that the tragedies and catastrophes that happened to Talia are surprisingly similar to what happened in the Book. Cassy is so intrigued in the mysteries she is uncovering in the book, that she doesn't realize knows too much as well. Will she keep reading the book, and risk everything she has in life? Will she finally find Talia or is she gone forever? Is the Book a joke, or is it the thing that may cause Cassy's disappearance?


2. Fight Fire with The Book

"I'm HOOOOOME!", Talia called out to her lazy mother who was watching T.V. on the couch, without a care in the world about her lovely, and occasionally cheeky, daughter. She merely replied with a small grunt that sounded similar to a 'hello'. Talia's house wasn't big, nor small, but it was anything but cosy and homely. Being a bungalow, you'd expect to be either long and wide or small and cosy, but it was nothing but a little bungalow full of unwanted junk. She lived withe her mother, father and sweet little sister, Skyler sighed with a pain in her chest. Her thoughts were mostly about her unloving and uncaring mother, but part of her mind couldn't help thinking about the book. Her thoughts were racing. She wanted to clear her head. "My head's been kind of fuzzy today. I might head off to bed after dinner. Or have you guys ate already?" Talia asked, with disappointment in her voice as she saw a used glass sitting by the sink. Sometimes Talia had to go without dinner, as her family didn't remember often enough, or care enough, so Talia's job at the corner cafe gets her free meals for each shift. "No, we've kept our ready meals by until you came home. Our stomachs have been gurgling for ages! Did you get a detention? Did your shift run long?" Her dad asked,  Talia replied with the truth, she was at the library.  "Be a doll and get the meals ready to eat darling? I don't know if its the microwave or oven you put them in." Talia obeyed her father and made her way to the kitchen. The ready meals were sitting by the freezer. Fish, chips and mushy peas. Not exactly the one Talia savored the most, but she was happy to have a meal that night.                                                                      

                                                                              * * *

Talia woke with a start. She choked uncontrollably, and couldn't see for the deep mist around her. Her thoughts raced. Finally, Talia stopped choking for a moment, and suddenly leapt to her feet. Orange flickered in the corner of her eye. She stopped dead in her tracks. One thought came to her head. Fire. Another thought came next. Run. She saw her mother and father climbing out of the bedroom window, and bolted for her sister's room. She shook her 'til she was awake and then just lifted her out of her bed, running toward the door. "Keys" she said in a panic. " KEYS! Uuuuh....Mantelpiece!" She shouted now, suddenly frantic about getting out. Grabbing the phone, she ran to the Mantelpiece, snatched the keys and hurriedly unlocked the door, as the flames were starting to flicker through to the living room.She got out just in time to escape the roar of fire as she let air to it. As she shut the door, she dialled 999. Someone with a husky voice asked her who she wanted and what was wrong. As she was just about to tell them, she stopped, almost dropping the phone. She looked down at her hands. She realized she was holding the Book.

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