a misunderstanding holiday.

this a diary of a boy who is going on a holiday but not the one he likes and when gets him self in a fight. He just my face his death who will stop them? what will stop them? find
out yourself.


3. Nightmare


"Greg wake up" said a  voice echoing through the beautiful room

"your not grandma" Greg replied  "but i am the person who is going to kill you" he threaten."Mum!,Dad!,Rowley!,Manny! nooooooo!" "Greg wake up were going to be late" dad moaned. "your going to be late" Greg laughed "Greg stop joking and get outside!" dad shouted. "Oh no not grandma and grandpa take me to the hospital take me to the police or  even the hostel but don't take me to grandma and grandpa  

 Greg hesitated.  But dad cut him off. "Your going to grandma and grandpa house and that's final" Greg knew it was to late Greg opened the car door and faced his doom and his embarrass meant   that a another day in kinder garden for him. Back when Greg was little he always got embarrassed and he never got popular but lucky Manny was lets just say he was a bully in kinder garden and never got embarrassed what a lucky kid he was once. Greg looked out side he was relived that was only for a second or two. "Camping! you lied to us dad! and you knew it" Greg shouted."Well i lied to you only  mum,Rowley,me and Manny loved camping and we knew that you would't come camping and lets just say that we tricked you". Greg angrily said. "What about Rodrick" "we knew he wouldn't come either so we were going to trick him too when he locked us outside."  "I would rather be with grandma and grandpa" Greg sadly said. As he walked away to his tent to sleep. mum and dad felt sad for him but it was to late camping time for him!. 


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