Sherlock: I know what you did that Wednesday

The first in my new Sherlock Holmes series!!! Prepare for mystery,suspense and action! Sherlock Holmes is in danger from a wanted murderer...


4. You can count on me

 Sherlock was sprinting towards him now. Tension was building in the air,but Sherlock knew London like the back of his hand and before he knew it Holmes had trapped him at a dead end! "You killed the salesman!" shouted Holmes. Quickly,he threw a handkercheif at his opponent blinding him,and then blocking the blind attack with his elbow! Sherlock dis-located the killers jaw by a simple slap of both hands on his cheeks,a blow in the stomach punishes the murderer. Sherlock could hardly see the mans face because of the expensive-looking top hat shielding his face from other people. Whilst his opponent is suffering,Holmes makes his final move and breaks the man's leg with a single punch behind  it. "Your name?" asked Sherlock. Suddenly,the man jumped up. Sherlock reached for his revolver but felt nothing! He had forgot it!

 He dodged each kick with ease but was soon strugling when the man whipped out a knife! He pointed it at Holmes who was now on the ground. The man coughed out blood! "You can count on me Holmes," said Watson with a grin on his face. Watson had followed them. He re-united the blade with it's cover which had been disguisd as walking stick. "I knew you would forget your revolver,you always do!" joked Watson. They needed to tell everyone. The murderer of the salesman was dead. Or so they thought...  

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