Sherlock: I know what you did that Wednesday

The first in my new Sherlock Holmes series!!! Prepare for mystery,suspense and action! Sherlock Holmes is in danger from a wanted murderer...


3. Trafalgar Square

 Watson examined the fountains edge. It took a lot of explaining to the guards that they were detectives and that they were here to take a look at where the salesman had died. The water was was just the same old dirty water, but the statue wasn't. It had a blood stain...Watson needed to tell Holmes,urgently!

 Meanwhile Sherlock was examiming the stone wall that seperated the crowd from the the square. This is what it looked like. He was actualy concentrating on one single man. The man was trying not to give himself away,but his eyes told the story,Sherlock saw right through him. "Holmes!" shouted Watson. "I have no time!" came the reply. The man Holmes saw had started running...    

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