Sherlock: I know what you did that Wednesday

The first in my new Sherlock Holmes series!!! Prepare for mystery,suspense and action! Sherlock Holmes is in danger from a wanted murderer...


6. Thomas Orrock

 Watson headed for bed and so did Sherlock. Sherlock stopped instantaneously at his door! Something wasn't quite right,but Sherlock couldn't find out what. He peered underneath the bedroom door,nothing. "Stay there!" Shouted Thomas, Watson's and Holmes' eyes opened simutaneously in shock. "You thought you were all clever solving the mystery, but you were wrong.I'm not dead!I hired that person to die for me." Orrock spited in Holmes face. "Put him down," said Watson,tension in his voice. He was now at the top of the staircase. "I know what you did that Wednesday!" Shouted Holmes. Orrock relaxed his grip on Sherlock's throat...

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