Sherlock: I know what you did that Wednesday

The first in my new Sherlock Holmes series!!! Prepare for mystery,suspense and action! Sherlock Holmes is in danger from a wanted murderer...


1. Prolouge


Trafalgar square,

19th December,




 A hooded figure strolled across the white blanket that coated the street as the snow crunched underneath his feet. He turned down a back alley. He marched into the centre of Trafalgar square whilst the street lights pointed at him from above which made him easily visible,compared to the  the thick,pitch-black sky. A man in a suit walked up to him with a suitcase and the strange figure took it. The man shouldn't have turned round so early beacause,the strange figure released a revolver from his pocket. Before the suited man had time to react, he was dead...   




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