It's A Love Story:3

Okay, It's not the best. But it's real...


8. The realization...

I am now twelve years old and even though it wasn't, it seems like this was forever a go. It's not even clear anymore. Zoey and I are friends still, Cameron and James are closer friends, but they adapted a more emo style.  Cameron, admittedly, is so much better looking now, James is the same. Cameron and James don't even speak to me or Zoey anymore, not even when we try to speak to them. It's like they have no reason for hating us. It hurts but we're used to it. Latley I have started hanging out by Cameron's road again. I sit there with a few of my friends to sunbathe and hang out, as the sun always its the grass perfectly there, but soon I will have to stop going there. The memories are becoming clearer and that's why I wrote about it, because I needed to let it all out. I never see Cameron on his road...I'm guessing he's either out somewhere else, or sleeping as boys do. 


The strangest part of it all is; I loved James... and I didn't even realize it, I let him slip away from under my nose. The reason I didn't give James a fake name? I love him, I always have, I always will, even to this day, 7 years on from meeting the guy.

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