Another World

Young Marianna´s view of the world will change the day she turns 18. A king from another world is waiting for her to be an adult in her own world. He has big plans for her, but will she accept this? This is her point of view.


1. The Angel of Dreams


He walked towards me with a breathtaking smile on his face, surrounded by a beautiful light which contained every colour of the rainbow. He came closer and now I saw his heavenly blue eyes, and golden brown hair.

The first thought that shot through my mind, was that he looked like some Greek god. He looked like Adonis, and yet they looked nothing alike. No man have ever seen a god, so who could say what they looked like? You could only imagine their looks. You could not compare his beauty with anything you had seen before. He responded to my thoughts with a smile, like he knew what I was thinking, and that scared me a bit.

His beauty paralyzed me; he was perfect. The way his clothes almost were caressing his muscular body, made it very hard to look away. Even his blue eyes attracted my attention; it was as if you could see the whole world in them, but only the most beautiful part. His whole being and his presence made me feel happy and comfortable.


He looked into my eyes as if he could see straight into my soul, and I was suddenly afraid of what he would find. His smile made me blush and my heart go wild, like a thousand wild horses. I had to concentrate on my breathing, to make it steady again.

Minutes went by where I could say nothing; I just stood there, smiling to him and admiring all of him.

I looked at him curiously.

“Who…  Who are you?” I whispered.

He just looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes still smiling, and he made me blush all over again. Time went by, and we looked at each other, his eyes locked on to mine.

At last I pulled myself together and slowly walked closer to him, taking in his beauty and his warm aura.

I reached out my hand to touch his face, but stopped when he suddenly turned away, as if someone called for him, and walked away from me.

My heart stood still for a while, not knowing what I had done wrong. Why did he have to go so suddenly? I took one step forward, with my hand stretched out towards him and pleaded.

“Please don’t leave me. Stay a little longer. I don´t even know who you are or what your name is.”

He stopped and looked over his shoulder; he was once again smiling that breathtaking smile.

He nodded with a wonderful smile that could make the earth stop turning and said.

“Little child, you are about to wake from your sleep.” His voice sounded like a thousand bells, and it made my heart beat like crazy.

“Will I ever see you again?” I said blushing and I looked down.

“Someday we will meet again, that I will promise you.”


I had never heard a voice so perfect before, it was definitely one of heavens most beautiful instruments. He began to fade away, at the same time a hum started; it got louder and louder as the dream faded away. The hum reminded me of my big brother Sean. Sometimes he hummed when he was happy, and he often hummed me to sleep when I was little. Shortly after the angel and his surroundings were gone, the hum stopped and someone was calling for me. It sounded a bit like Sean.

“Wake up you sleep head. Mom says it is shopping time.” My brother was jumping up and down beside my bed, he just loved shopping. When it came to shopping he was like a little child, who wanted candy. I smiled at him, slowly opening my eyes.

“You really need a sexy dress to sleep in, sis” he suddenly said, with his brown eyes at my nightgown. He had sat his brown hair perfectly for his type of face. Every time the sun shined on his hair, you could see that there was a red tone in it.

“NOOO!!” I screamed suddenly all awake and took my pillow and threw it at him, but he caught it and threw it back at me. We just laughed because this throwing around with pillows were so childish, and we are supposed to be grownups.

“I’ll give you half an hour to get ready.” I just stock my tongue out at him, and he laughed. I know it was childish, but who was he to tell me what to do? Nobody but my annoying brother.

Half an hour is not nearly enough, I needed at least half an hour to get dressed and get my hair done, and then I had to eat breakfast. I needed at least an hour to do it all. Sometimes he was a pain in the ass, but well, big brothers are like that, and at the end of the day, I still loved him.

I quickly put on my make-up, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and finished dressing up. I walked downstairs to the kitchen. My parents and brother sat around the kitchen table talking, and mother smiled at me when I walked in.

“Good morning sleep head” my father teased me, not looking up from his newspaper. My mother came and gave me a hug.

“Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well?” I just nodded at her, I did not want to tell them about the dream I have had. Sadly it was just a dream, and the smile on my face disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

“What is wrong sweetheart?” My mother asked with a worried voice. I did not react to her speaking to me, I was deep in thoughts.

“Sweetheart?” I looked up, directly into her worried eyes.

“Mom nothing is wrong, I swear I am fine.” Half lying I smiled at her and hugged her. I pushed the sad thoughts away, and sat down to eat my pancakes.


We finished eating breakfast, and were getting ready to go. My brother was dancing around and singing at the top of his lungs, my father quietly laughing at him. It was the most sunny and warm Sunday we have had for a long time, and we were going to spend the whole day in the mall shopping because of  uncle Kyle’s wedding. Well, it would have been funnier if we were going to the beach, but no today it was the mall. We all kissed dad on his cheek, before we went out to the car.

“Mom can I please drive? I promise not to drive like I am running from the devil.” He put on his baby face, the one mom could not say no to.

“Of course you can honey. I don´t mind” but she looked like someone who just saw a ghost. She tossed the keys to him, and they got into the car, I was already inside.

“Obviously mom believes that you are not going to drive like hell.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“I will not disappoint our mom sis.” And I could not do anything but smile at him. I must admit he did not disappoint any of us. He was driving like a gentleman. It was the first time I saw him drive like this, and it was lovely. Once he crashed into a house in a villa block and we both ended on the hospital for several weeks. In the radio they were playing hot n cold by Katie Perry, and all three of us were screaming along with the song. The people outside literally turned their heads as the car drove by. After driving in half an hour, we parked right outside the mall. There was not many people here today. Because of the weather, almost everybody was at the beach instead.

“First we have to go to the lingerie store on 2nd floor, and then we have to buy two tuxedos and two evening dresses to Kyle´s wedding.” One tuxedo to Sean his first and a new one to our father. Mom wanted a new dress to, and I simply just had to have this Blue dress. Sean looked at me with a smirk on his face, and I knew that face. He always had that face, when he had a very naughty thought. I think that this time it was about making me sexy, so that I could get a hot boyfriend, so that we could make a double date. I already liked a guy, no two guys. I just dreamed of you of them, how can you like someone you never met? One that was not real.

“Don´t even think about it Sean.” I looked suspiciously at him, but he just made the most innocent face he could manage. It was so sweet to see him like this, and we could not help but laugh at him. He looked like a new born puppy, so sweet and innocent. He always used it when there was something he wanted, planning something really big or just wanted forgiveness.

“I was not doing anything sis. Well I did think about which lingerie that would bring out your sexy side.” He had that smirk on his face again, and I wanted to beat the hell out of him. I could not do it he is my brother, and he is gay not that it matters, . When we got to the second floor where the lingerie store was, they literally pushed me through the doors. I hated this store, and they knew it. Mother looked at her watch.

“I will let you have three hours in here sweethearts. Behave both of you” Then she turned and walked out.

I was trying some French lingerie that Sean had found, when a group of guys came in. I just walked out of the room without looking up, so that Sean could help me. He knew a lot more about this than I did. Sometimes I thanked god for giving me a gay brother. This was a store for women. I did not notice them until someone whistled at me, and when I saw them. I blushed, they were all gorgeous, but one stood out from the crowd. His hair was golden brown, sitting in perfectly locks. His face was beautiful, but it was his eyes that got my full attention. They were the most perfect colour, the colour of a rich delicious chocolate. His high cheekbone made his eyes seem even more intense, than they already were. His clothing consisted of a pair of tight black pants, a white shirt with a black vest over it. This outfit amplified his muscular body. He was divine, but he could probably get a black bag to fit him perfectly.

My mouth was hanging open like an unintelligent jerk, when I looked at him. He was the most gorgeous of them, and his eyes looked up and down at me. I hurried behind the curtain, and I tried to get a grip on my breathing. Why couldn´t he just be the angel in my dream, he nearly looked like him. But he could not be him, could he? Oh my god, he just saw me in French lingerie, I blushed again.


Sean saw it all; he saw how the boys looked at me and my reaction to the situation. He came over to the curtain where I was hiding, and guarded me from the boys. He waited for a while, before saying:

“Are you all right sis?” I did not answer at first.

“Sis?” he asked again, this time a little worried. I was still trying to control me breathing, after that embarrassing moment.

“Yes, are they gone?” I answered quietly.

“Yeah, the boy with the golden brown hair made them go, when he realized that they were going toward you.” He took a long pause while looking in to see the lingerie I tried, and then he said.

“Damn, that boy was freaking hot sis, just like you are in that. I could have made love to him right on the floor. You should have seen him…” I started laughing at him, down to his very last bone, he was gay.

“Sometimes I forget what you are bro, but it seems like we want the same boy, this time.” I just had to smile.We would definitely fight over him if we met him again, but who would win him? I tried on some more lingerie and then begged him for it to stop. Unwillingly he nodded and hangs the lingerie he had in his hand back where he took it. I quietly began to switch to my own clothes. Now we had been here in almost three hours and I really hated being here, but what would you not do to make your big brother happy? I loved to see him smile, so I would do what I could for him. I totally loved my brother. We were looking out for each other.

"Are we done now?" I came out with the first lingerie I tried on in my hand and looked tired at my brother. “Yeah yeah, but we are buying those.” He smiled pointing at the lingerie and laughed. It looked like he was thinking of those boys from earlier; he had to know something I did not. What did he see that I did not? He walked over to the saleswoman and bought it for me. In the meanwhile our mother came in.

"Are the two of you finished yet, it is nearly lunch time, and I am pretty hungry." Our mom said, and when you are talking about the sun, the sun shines and our stomachs began to rumble. We looked at one another and nodded.

"Yes mom, we are ready now." We said in chorus. The saleswoman smiled at us, and wished us a good day as we left the store.

"Mom, we saw Adonis himself in the shop. He was a handsome guy, right sis? "I did not even get the chance to say anything, but of course he was right.

"Sad I didn´t manage to ask him for his name.

” He looked a little sad, and I patted him on the shoulder.

"Where should we eat? Did he really look like Adonis, or do you exaggerate honey?" She looked strictly at Sean, and he smiled gently at her. Sometimes he twisted the reality so it sounded better. He is mommas’ boy; he can get away with a lot of things. Not that he ever did something terrible, except crashing the car.

"Mom he is right, he really looked like Adonis." I helped my brother because he was right, he actually looked like some Greek god, I only know what´s written in books about Greek gods.

"Mom let´s go to café Oliver” I suggested. They both nodded and we headed towards the café. There were not many people inside the café, and we sat down at a table by the window. Suddenly we heard someone laugh, which was quickly followed by a whistling and the sound of someone who got his head slapped. My brother and I looked around, and our gazes were captured by the sight of him. Was he really here, in this café? Our favourite café. Our mother followed our gaze, and gasped when she saw him with the golden brown hair. Before I got to react, Sean was already heading toward them, there were only them and us here besides the waitress, and I hurried to turn my gaze toward the window.


"Excuse me, Mr what is your name?" Sean said impolite and turned straight to the golden haired guy, and he just looked up at Sean with his chocolate eyes. Sean was sometimes too eager and it made him seem very impolite. "Sorry, but what did you say?" I could not help but giggle of the situation, the boys and the waitress looked over at us. Although his voice was nothing like the angel from my dream, he still reminded me of him. Maybe they were brothers, and this man was the evil twin? I really hope not, after that episode in the store.

Now it seemed silly to compare him with the angel I dreamed about, his eyes and voice were not the angles.

"Your name, what is it?" He asked again in a more charming and a bit flirty tone. The mysterious guy stood up and locked my brother deeply into his eyes as if he could see directly into his soul.

"I am not gay, so please leave me alone" His voice was calm, but you could still hear the warning in his words. I feared that he would beat my brother for being gay; he had been beating before, badly. Please don´t beat him, I begged in my thoughts. His chocolate eyes looked directly towards me as if he had heard my pray, and then he quickly said something over his shoulder to his friends. They honestly looked afraid, but they nodded slowly. After that he looked at my brother again.

"I do apologize for my behaviour; I am usually not like this. But I have to go now, have a nice day. Take good care of you self" He smiled warmly to Sean and nodded to his friends; and then he left the café. The boys looked gloomingly at Sean, and then continued their conversation as they had never been interrupted. Meanwhile mom had ordered a sandwich and soda for us, trying not to save Sean unless he really needed her help. She knew it would be embarrassing for him, if she tried to help him. Mom always believed that every man or woman had a good personality; she always gave new people a chance. I could see the pain in her eyes when she looked over at Sean; she wanted to protect her little boy. I laid my hand on her shoulder; comforting her. Sean came back smiling like nothing had happened - he had never let anyone bring him down just because he was gay, he were proud of being it. The waitress came with our food as Sean sat down.

"Your order" the waitress looked at us with a sour mine. It seems like she had been sitting and drooling over that boy. Now we had made him go, or my brother had, but it looked like it was of no matter to her. She walked back to her chair and looked at the guys, letting us alone with our food.   


We sat and enjoyed ourselves in a little hour, talking about this and that. I noticed that the waitress slowly began to make preparations to leave; she was apparently waiting for her shift to end. She walked over to the boys table.

"Hey, will you guys give this to your friend." She put a piece of paper on the table.

"Say it is from Nathasja Floora." She smiled at them and they looked back and forth between her and the paper. "Do you know him sweetness?" One of the guys looked lovely at her. He was definitely gay, and it seemed that Sean agreed. His lovely amber eyes were like smelting honey. It actually looked like they were liquid. His hair was a slight dark golden brown; it could remind you a little of a beer, if there were no light in the room. It suits him; he must have been born under a lucky star. He could score anyone.

"No, unfortunately not yet, but soon." She flirted with him and it was obvious that none of them thought well about it. They clearly had respect for their mysterious friend. She looked nervously at them, knowing she had done something wrong, but did not know what. They looked at each other, nodded and then back at her.

"No, we will not give it to him. Shame he did not see you flirting with Leo" A black haired guy said. He looked at her with his black eyes; something told me that he was a dangerous man. They all laughed together as if they got a commando to do so.

"But you can give it to him another time" the black haired guy said and Nathasja nodded. That last sentences somehow felt like it was to Sean and me, and not to the waitress. Why did I feel like it was to us? I looked over at them, and this Leo looked at me smiling. He nodded to me when he got eye contact with me. I quickly looked out of the window. Did he just nod to me? I looked over at him again, and he smiled when my eyes reached the place where he were sitting. Could he feel my gaze? I felt happiness coming from his eyes, or did I? At the same moment Nathasja nodded to the guys, a man came in, maybe it was him she was waiting for. Apparently it was him who should take over her shift. They exchanged a few words, and then she left the café. When we were done, we paid, and walked out of the café with four pair of eyes watching us. It kind of gave me the creeps, but well, I was not used to that kind of attention. Now we had to go and buy that beautiful blue dress I saw when I was here with my best friend Erika some weeks ago. She almost bought it to me, but I could not let her spend her hard earned money on me. She somehow reminded me of a good Samarian sometime, wanting to help everybody around her. No she was like that all the time. She is just so loveable. No one would hurt her, she is too beautiful and to adorable. I could not wait to tell her about those boys, but I had to wait for tomorrow, because she were at a family meeting of some kind.


Later that day


It was my turn to make dinner.

Twice a week Sean and I were cooking, and Sunday is one of my days. I smiled of how good this day had turned out to be. It was a bid weird to, but how would life be if nothing was weird or crazy? I took out the lettuce from the refrigerator, and laid it on the kitchen table, beside the sink. I put on an apron and turned on the water to wash the lettuce. Sean came into the kitchen and walked over to me.

“Hey Mary. Need some help cooking?” he said, teasing me, but I knew that he was bored. He needed some fun. Sean and Erica always called me Mary. We loved doing things together, but we actually never helped each other cooking.

“Hmm… Why not?” I smiled at him.

“Will you please help me prepare the fish Sean?” He jumped up and down like a little child and his face were smiling again. He kissed me on my cheek, still smiling.

“Hell yeah sis” He put on the apron and I turned off the water. He took out the fish from the refrigerator and started to prepare it with my guidance. We teased and joked with each other while we were cooking, and suddenly Sean just said very seriously

“We should do this more often Mary.” I nodded softly.

“Indeed Sean.” Sean sat the table while I gave the food the final touch. When he was done, he came over and looked over my shoulder. To see how I was doing, at the same time our parents came in to the kitchen. Mom came over to us smiling.

“Sweetheart that looks delicious” and I smiled widely, she never lied about thinks she meant.

“Wow sis that looks really good. Have you considered catering or maybe be a master cook?” Sean looked very seriously at me, knowing that I might not believe him.

“When are you going to think of someone else than that boy from the store? You know the one you could have raped in front of everyone?” He looked at me a bit hurt; he knew this was a sore topic for me. I smiled a bit nervous and looked over at our parents.

“Sorry love, but I really don’t want to talk about education to night. Alright?” I half whispered. My eyes were begging him to forgive me. He sighed resignedly and shook his head.

“It is fine sis. I know you are confused, but just think about it, okay?” I nodded, promising him to give it a thought someday. Mother and father sat down at the table. They were talking about something very important, they almost always whispered when they talked about important things. Sometimes they talked another language too. So that they were sure no one knew anything about their conversation.

“Dinner is ready.” Sean and I took the food to the table and sat down. We began to eat and talk about our day.


It was dads turn to do the dishes, but it seemed like mother wanted to help him. So Sean went to living room and watched a movie in the television. I went upstairs to my room, where I locked the door. I unpacked my new clothes and put it in my wardrobe. I looked sceptical at the French lingerie my brother bought, before putting it in my drawer. I really needed to be alone or talk to someone. At the same time I have had that thought, my phone rang. I took it up from my pocket and looked at it. It was Erika calling. I sighed kind of relieved. I answered the call.

“Erika we can talk tomorrow. Be here early.” I hang up and threw the phone on my desktop. This day could not get any weirder, than it already was. First my dream, then that goddamn perfect boy, there was in the wrong store at the wrong moment. Now this, Erika calling like she knew that I somehow needed to talk, but what she did not know, was that all of that, I needed to sleep. I did not even want to write in my diary, and I always did that, even when I was not home. I had it with me all the time; it is my way to keep it safe and away from all the curious people. I lay down on my bed looking at the ceiling. Thought of the things that had happened today; and what may come in the week that follow. New students Wednesday, it was weird to start in the middle of a week. Apparently their parents gave the school a lot of money, so maybe that was why they first were starting there. We only knew that their parents saved our school from closing. I closed my eyes, begged for the dream to come back, for my angel to be there, and fell asleep soon after.

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