I'll be gentle {JongTae} [+15]

Jonghyun works at an office where he spreads happiness to his co-workers. That's pretty much what he does. Then this new guy suddenly comes to work there too. Lee Taemin. 21 years old and quite nervous around people. What will Jonghyun do to this new guy when Taemin says that he doesn't like him? Well, of course it includes drinking.


2. Lee Taemin, 21 years old, doesn’t like me


I took a step backwards. I hadn’t expected him to react that way. His legs were pulled up to him on the chair and he gave off a scared aura. He shivered a little, kind of blushed and looked scared as hell. I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that there was nothing to be scared of, but it would probably look a little weird if I hugged him. I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, but the other employees didn’t know that. And they don’t need to know either. I could just hug him, I really wanted to, but the scared aura that was coming from him, got me to back off.

None of the other employees had noticed that he’d screamed. It kind of worried me, but I was glad that they hadn’t noticed. They shouldn’t pick on me because of my failure to approach ‘the new guy’.

“You…” I started and didn’t dare to move closer to him. “Are you scared of me?”

My voice came out quite high pitched. It scared me, to look at him being scared.

The new guy nodded almost unnoticeable once and then said really low: “And I don’t l-like you either.”

This guy… He made me feel bad about myself. He didn’t like me, even though we’d never spoken. This really made my confidence go down. Everybody likes me! This new guy was the first who said the opposite. And me who thought he looked “cute”. Well, that’s gonna change now. Right now! He may just sat there and looked all cute when I walked in this morning, but that “cute” image I’d got from him, is going to change by the end of the day. And I need to change the way he looks at me. Watch out… New guy… You’re going to regret that you ever said that you disliked; Kim Jonghyun! But before all that, maybe I should find out what this guy’s name is.

“I’m sad to hear that,” I said and put a forced smile on my lips. “I hope the way you look at me will change.”

He relaxed a little now. His legs weren’t pulled up to him anymore and his arms were resting on his thighs. He looked a little tense and he looked like he was ready to jump up from the chair and just run away, until his legs couldn’t hold him up anymore. He would run away from me. His eyes raided fear. I could somehow describe how he looked at me; he looked the same way at me as a gazelle when it’s standing in front of a cheetah. When the gazelle knows that it’s going to die, but decides to run anyway. That was the look the new guy had on his face. He seriously looked like he was going to die.

“Will you answer a question?” I asked, not getting too close.

He quickly shot a glance at me and then looked down again. He nodded, almost unnoticeable again.

“What’s your name, and how old are you?” I asked. I didn’t smile or anything. He didn’t look anyway, so it was worthless to smile.

“M-my name is L-Lee Taemin,” he held a quite long pause before continuing. “I’m 21.”

And that was that. He didn’t even say ‘nice to meet you!’, but I didn’t really get disappointed. I’d somehow figured out that he wouldn’t be polite to me. He looked like a nerve wreck. All the time looked in different directions to make sure no one would sneak up behind him liked I did. When he didn’t look around he looked on his hands which were playing nervously with each other.

“Lee Taemin-ssi,” I said to taste his name. “Taemin-ssi… Is there a special reason why you don’t like me?” 

He looked at his hands and then they stopped playing. He slowly turned his attention to me and looked seriously at me.

“No, not really,” he said coldly. “I don’t really like the rest of the d-department either. To be exact, I don’t r-really like anyone in this company. O-only the president.”

This was the longest he’s talked and it probably wouldn’t get any longer than this.

I nodded in an understanding way. “You have a special relationship with the president?”

He looked down again, facing his hands. “H-he’s nice to me.” He actually smiled a little when he said it, but he still looked serious.

“And why do you think he’s nice?” I asked to get more words out of him. Our president isn’t what you would call “nice”. Well, he’s nice to me, but not to the rest of the company. He yells at people when they’re behind the schedule or when they take a break to smoke. And that’s kind of weird, ‘cause he only notices they smoke because he, himself, comes down to smoke. He scolds them at first, but after he puts his smoke in his mouth and lightens it, he becomes nice and talkative like he’d known them for ages. He’s kind of weird, but I kind of like him for that.

“B-because he let me work here even though he knows that I’m diseased,” he said and he started to play nervously with his hands again.

“What kind of disease?” I asked a little too quickly. He looked scared at me and looked like someone who was a witness to a murder.

“Y-you’ve asked enough q-questions,” he stammered. He turned on his chair so his back faced me.

“O… Kay…?” I said a little confused. “It was nice to have a chat with you.”

“I wouldn’t say so,” Taemin said low. He was shaking a little, but I decided to not take any notice of it. He said he was diseased, and he would probably not be working if he couldn’t handle it.

I turned away from Taemin only to see a confused Kibum. I walked over to my spot beside Kibum. He looked patiently at me, but I wouldn’t tell him anything. My mind was blown. He’d been so cold towards me. I’ve never tried anything like that before. Kibum treats me a little coldly, but we’re friends, so I’m used to it.

Kibum couldn’t wait any longer. “What did he say?” he asked optimistic.

I turned my head to Kibum.

“Wow,” he said an widened his eyes. “You look exhausted. What happened?”

“We’ve got a diseased emo,” I said with an expressionless face.

“A diseased… Emo?” Kibum took a quick glance at Taemin. “He doesn’t look emo to me? What makes him emo?”

“Him,” I said and Kibum didn’t understand a thing.

“A~nyway… What’s his name?” Kibum asked

“Lee Taemin, 21 years old, doesn’t like me, like the president,” I said and my head fell forwards.

“Ohh, that’s why you’re so down,” Kibum said and patted me on the head. “Don’t worry. He’ll soon come to like you. Just wait and see.”

I looked gloomy at Kibum. “I don’t believe that.”

Kibum looked at Taemin again. “Aish, he’s actually kind of cute. You’ve noticed?”

“Yeah I have,” I said without thinking about it. After I’d said it, I quickly covered my mouth with my hands.

“I didn’t know you were gay,” Kibum teased and smiled at me the only way he could.

I woke up from my gloominess and quickly defended myself. “I’m not gay! I’m straight! All the way! I don’t think about males, only females!”

Kibum smiled at me. “That’s the Jonghyun I know!” Kibum rose from his chair and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

Kibum said he wasn’t gay, but I don’t really believe that. He really likes fashion, and he’s not afraid to give me kisses and hugs. I’m not saying that I dislike it, but he shouldn’t do it in public, and especially not at work. He could lose his job and this job would be pretty boring if Kibum got fired. Then there’s not really anyone I could speak with and lift my mood after I’ve spoken with Mr. Nervous a.k.a. Lee Taemin.

“Uhm, should we celebrate?” Kibum asked after he’s sat down again. He started to look at some papers again.

“What should we celebrate?” I asked already excited.

“You know,” Kibum said and took two papers and rose from the chair. “That we’ve got a new employee. It could be so fun!”

I thought about it a little. “Does this ‘celebrate’ thing include Taemin-ssi?”

“Pabo! Of course it does! He’s the reason why we can celebrate,” Kibum started to walk and said over his shoulder: “Copy machine.”

I nodded even though he couldn’t see me. I tried to sit comfortable on the chair. Lee Taemin… He’s cute, but he has a weird attitude. His jaw line is beautiful. Why do I even notice that? Hey, wait a second! Why am I looking at him again?! It was kind of lucky that I looked at Taemin, ‘cause I noticed that Kibum stood with his two papers in his hand and tried to get Taemin’s attention. He obviously did, but Taemin didn’t react the same way when he saw Kibum as he did when he saw me. He actually looked up at Kibum sometimes when he talked. Taemin nodded and asked something. I couldn’t hear what they talked about since they spoke so low to each other and there was a big buzz on the floor we were on. Kibum answered and smiled to Taemin. Taemin shyly smiled a little smile which quickly disappeared.

I quickly looked down so Kibum wouldn’t notice that I’d been looking. Kibum got back in his chair and I looked over at his table.

“Shouldn’t you copy something?” I asked.

“Ups, I forgot,” Kibum said nonchalant.

“How can you forget that? That was the only thing you should do,” I said and Kibum quickly found out that I knew that he’d been talking with Taemin. “What’d you ask him?”

“I asked him if he wanted to go out drinking tonight with some of the employees,” Kibum said and put the papers back in the pile.

“What did he say?” I asked like I didn’t really cared, but inside I was dying to know.

“He wanted to join, but we shouldn’t expect to see him drink anything with alcohol in,” Kibum said and looked through the pile of papers. “We’ll go out drinking after work. You’re in, right?”

“Y-yes?” I answered “Do you pay Kibummie~?”

Kibum sent me a death glare. “Jjong, you’re older than me. Why should I pay for your alcohol?”

“Because you’re my best friend! And actually, you’ve worked here longer than I have, so somehow you’re my hyung~,” I said with a teasing smile.

“Don’t say that word! You know I don’t like it when you call me that!”

That’s right. Kibum doesn’t like it when I call him ‘hyung’, and I don’t know why. He probably feels uncomfortable. He somehow looks older than me too, so that’s probably why the first thing I said to him when we met for the first time was: “Please take good care of my, sunbae-nim.” Then he told me not to be so formal, so I could just call him Kibum, but I couldn’t get myself to only call him ‘Kibum’ when we’d just met, so I started to call him ‘Kibum-hyung’. That ended quite quickly and then I began to call him ‘Kibum’ after the ‘ssi’ stage.

“You’re thinking about it, right?” Kibum asked and glanced at me.

“What?” I asked like I didn’t know.

“I know that you’re thinking about it!” Kibum said and restlessly started to play with his pen while looking at me. “Stop thinking about it!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked still with the teasing smile.

“Argh! The time when you called me ‘sunbae-nim’!” Kibum said. “I don’t like it.”

I chuckled. “Okay, I’ll stop.”

I looked around in the office. It was as it always was. Nothing had changed, except for the fact that there was sitting a person I didn’t really know.

“How did you get him to join?” I asked out of the blue.

“Uhm,” Kibum said and looked at some papers again. “It wasn’t that hard. I just asked him, and then he joined.”

I turned on the chair to look at Kibum. “How did he react when you started to talk with him?”

“He got a little tense, but relaxed after he saw that is was me. Why?”

“For no reason,” I said and looked down on my desk. “Did… He say that he didn’t liked you?”

“Why so many questions?! It sounds like you’re trying to get to know him through me! But the answer to your question; no, he didn’t say that he disliked me. And no more questions, araseo?”

“Araseo, araseo,” I said quiet.

That little… He’s so going to pay for this! Saying he disliked me and the rest of the department. Why didn’t he tell Kibum that? He’s going to pay for this, but how, I don’t know.

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