I'll be gentle {JongTae} [+15]

Jonghyun works at an office where he spreads happiness to his co-workers. That's pretty much what he does. Then this new guy suddenly comes to work there too. Lee Taemin. 21 years old and quite nervous around people. What will Jonghyun do to this new guy when Taemin says that he doesn't like him? Well, of course it includes drinking.


4. "Fuck!" he yelled


Taemin somehow managed to walk by himself when we got outside the building. It got colder as the night came closer, but I don't think Taemin could feel that. When we got downstairs he was ready to go outside with his coat wide open, but I stopped him and closed it for him. He asked me not to follow him home, but I insisted. I would feel bad if I didn't. It was because of me that he was drunk and hardly could walk straight. He showed me off when I tried to support him, so I walked a few steps behind him, making sure that someone bad wouldn't show up and rape him. Taemin had targeted something and his direction turned to a bench. He sat down and looked up at the stars. I sat down beside him. It would be bad if he'd start taking off his clothes like a 5-year-old.

"Beautiful," he said.

"Mmh," I said. The master in making conversations, has arrived. I could've at least had said 'yes' instead of 'mmh'. And the weird thing is, I didn't even look at the stars before agreeing. I looked at his lips. His fucking plumbed, soft-looking, totally irresistible lips. I wondered why I even sat here and didn't feel those soft lips upon mine. I actually didn't wonder about it. It annoyed me as hell! I just wanted to reach out to his lips, lay my thumb on his lower lip and then look deeply in to his eyes and then remove my thumb only to be replaced by my lips. Oh hell, I got chills just by thinking about it. If you drive it a little longer; Taemin's lips... Touching... My flesh... My chest... His fingers touching my body... Is this what you call daydreaming? And if it is, it's on the verge to a wet daydream, almost. Daydreaming... Since it's not really day anymore it should be called nightdreaming. Okay, just forget that. Back to the theme: A wet daydream. I have one word for how to express how I feel about a wet daydream: Disgusting.

"Sumthin' wrong?" Taemin asked when he saw my face turned into disgust.

I quickly turned my expression to a smile. I assured him that nothing was wrong. He looked suspicious at me for a few seconds. My smile got more and more awkward.

"Stop it. You're creepin' me out," he said and turned his head in the other direction.

I removed my "creepy" smile and my face went blank. Taemin looked at the sky again. He looked with admiration at the stars.

"It's weird. You can see the stars, even though they're so far away," Taemin said and placed his hand, closest to me, on the bench. I wanted to grab his hand. The warmth would feel nice in this cold night.

"Yeah, it's a little weird," I agreed and placed my hand near his and looked at the stars too. "It's so beautiful when the sky is clear like tonight."

I could feel the warmth from Taemin's hand. I wanted to brush my hand against his, but I didn't dare to. I was afraid to see his reaction.

Taemin suddenly rose and started walking away without saying a word. I quickly got on my feet and followed him. Taemin wasn't that good at walking straight anymore, so I walked closer to him if he suddenly would fall or something. Well, he didn't fall, he stopped walking and I almost walked into him because I almost slept while walking.

"Why you're stopping?" I asked annoyed.

"Look!" he said happily and pointed on the ground. "A dog poop!"

I couldn't see his face, but I was pretty sure he smiled. Don't ask why. It's just a guess out from the tone in his voice. I looked over his shoulder and, as said, there was a dog poop. People should pull themselves together and start picking their dog's poop up, so other people wouldn't step on them. It sounds like I'm nagging, and yes, I am nagging. I really hate stepping on dog poop, 'cause then you smell like dog poop the rest of the day.

"Then let's walk past..." I said, but stopped after seeing what Taemin intended to do. He was ready to take a step and place his foot right in the poop. What the hell was this guy thinking?! (If he steps on it I finally have a reason to call him 'shit'!) He just said there was a poop and now he wants to step on it? Didn't he say the poop was there so we could avoid it? Not step on it. I quickly pulled him to the side right before his shoe touched the poop.

"Yah! What are you...?!" he yelled. Our faces were turned against each others. Taemin was clearly annoyed and angry with me, not that I cared. I wouldn't walk with a man who smelled like dog poop. His expression changed from annoyance to pain. He squeezed his eyes tight together and placed his hands on each side of his head.

"What's wrong?" I tried to say without sounding like I worried too much, but I did worry about him.

"My head... It hurts," he exclaimed.

He leaned in to my chest. He was either really in pain or else he was drunk. I guess he was both. I didn't know where I should put my hands, so they just hung down by my side. I didn't know if he cried, but some complaining sounds came from him and I think I heard a sniff once or twice.

I stroked my fingers through his hair, which made him look up at me. When I saw his eyes so close to mine I felt a weird attraction to this 21 years old man/boy. I wanted to pull him close and tell him that nothing could ever hurt him if he stayed in my embrace. I wanted to kiss him, everywhere. It didn't matter where, I just wanted to show that I loved him. I got sucked into his big brown eyes. He looked so little and... Unprotected. I wanted to protect him from everything, as long as he would be mine. I wanted to see him happy.

"Let me try something. Maybe it helps," I said and placed a hand on the side of his face. I leaned closer to him and as closer I got, he closed his eyes more and more. It didn't look like he would pull back so I continued. He got tenser and tenser, but I didn't stop.

When my lips were placed on Taemin's forehead, I could seriously feel electricity between my skin and his skin. When my lips touched his skin he relaxed. All the tensing went away by a single touch, like magic. The whole thing felt magical, but unfortunately the moment was over a few seconds later when I pulled back. Taemin opened his eyes, and those big, brown eyes looked in to mine. I smiled at him and he smiled back, but then his head went back to the left side of my chest. Suddenly I could feel something warm. I hadn't expected my chest to warm up, and most certainly; I hadn't expected my heart to pound faster. But it did.

Taemin moved backwards, away from me.

"Jonghyun-ssi," Taemin said and looked a little embarrassed at me. "If you want, you can come home to me and change."

I stopped thinking after he said 'you can come home to me'. Taemin... Invited me... To his place? I hadn't expected him to do that. I'd expected to follow him home, say 'bye' to him and 'see you tomorrow' and then I'd left to my own place. But to actually be invited to his home... I honestly didn't expect that. Does he want something? Maybe he wants something from me. I hope I can give it to him. Right now I'll do anything for him. Jonghyun... You need to relax... You're drunk, he's drunk... What could possible happen by go with him home?... Much... There could happen many things. And when we're both drunk, some other things may happen, than if we were sober. But I seriously need to relax, and when I relaxed I noticed that he said something besides inviting me home. He said 'and change'. And what exactly does he mean by that?

I saw Taemin looking at my coat and at that moment, this really disgusting smell found it's way to my nostril. It made some of the alcohol come up my throat, but I quickly sank before it would come out of my mouth. Then I looked down at my coat and saw a big stain at the left side of my chest. It looked so disgusting and it was down my coat. Taemin's vomit... Taemin had... Puked on me?! I quickly pulled my jacket off. The liquor I'd sank before was ready to come up again. I tried to sink again, and some of it came down, but I needed to spit the rest out.

"G-give it to me," Taemin ordered.

I didn't hesitate one second. I quickly gave him the vomit-covered coat. I was more than happy to give the coat to him. He held it out from himself. He said we needed to go home to him quick before I was cold. Nothing really happened after Taemin had puked on me. Taemin sent some embarrassed and guilty glances to me once in a while. He sent the guilty glances when he saw me freeze.

When we stood outside Taemin's apartment, he still held the vomit-covered, stinky coat long away from his body.  He searched through his pocket with his free hand and found his keys. He dropped the key when he tried to open the door. He intended to pick the key up, but I was faster than him and picked it up and opened the door. He murmured a 'thanks' when I gave him the key again.

When we got inside we pulled off our shoes. Taemin said I could take a shower if I wanted to, it was on the left before his bedroom in the end of the hallway. First I didn't really wanted to, since I was really tired, but I still smelled of vomit so I had to take a shower. I found the bathroom quite quickly since his apartment was do small. I undressed and got under the hot water. When the water hit me, I suddenly felt much more tired than before. I didn't think about that I was taking a shower in Taemin's apartment. I just thought I took a shower. I thought about nothing. All my thoughts got washed away with the water. I kind of liked not thinking about anything, 'cause I've been thinking all day, about one single person. The one I was in the same apartment with right now.

I heard the bathroom door open. 

"It's just me," I heard Taemin say. "I'll leave some clothes here you can wear."

And then he left the bathroom. Nothing happened. And I was happy for that, 'cause it showed that I wasn't interested in Taemin in that way. I wasn't sexually interested in him, I probably just wanted him as a friend. And that didn't matter. What matter is that I'll, hopefully, get a friend soon. But it would be kind of amazing to feel those plumbed lips against my own. Jonghyun! Stop. Thinking. These kinds of thoughts!

I quickly finished my shower and put on the clothes Taemin had lay there. The shirt was a little bit too big and the same was the pants. Why did Taemin have clothes which is too big for him? I mean, if it's too big for me, then it must be really big for him. And that was the only thought I put in to it. No more thoughts, I agreed with myself. I shouldn't wonder. I should just get home so I could sleep. It would be so nice to sleep. Right now. So nice.

When I got outside the bathroom I found the small living room where the kitchen also was. Taemin was sitting on the small couch with his head resting in his hands. He looked up when I came in to the living room. His expression... No Jonghyun! No more thoughts, just say something instead!

"Thank for the shower," I said quietly. 

Taemin stood up in an awkward position. "You're welcome," he said low. "I've washed your coat and it's currently drying," he added. 

I nodded. 

"I'm so sorry for all the trouble I've brought you," Taemin fell down on his knees. Still drunk, Taemin that is. "You can stay here for the night. You can use my bed..."

"It's fine. I'll just sleep on the couch if you have a blanket and a pillow," I cut him off. I walked by him and sat down on the couch. He turned to face me.

"No. I insist! You should take the bed, and then I could take the couch," Taemin almost begged. "You're my guest, so you need to be comfortable..."

"I am comfortable," I said and laid down on the couch. "And I would be even more comfortable if I got a blanket and a pillow."

Taemin stood up. "You're such a dork," Taemin said low. I chose to pretend not to hear it. "I'll get you the blanket and pillow. Just wait a few minutes."

He left the living room/kitchen and not so long after he came back holding a blanket and a pillow. He didn't give it to me, but got me to rise up from the couch so he could make it more comfortable. 

"I'll take a shower. You can try to fall asleep meanwhile," he said while making it comfortable. 

I pulled off my shirt. I have this weird habit that I need to sleep with my shirt off. If I sleep with my shirt on, I'll sleep incredibly bad and I'll be in a bad mood in the morning. But, girls kind of like it, so they're not commenting on it. I don't know about guys, but I think they won't give it much thought.

Taemin turned around and saw that I didn't wear my shirt anymore. He quickly looked down and looked a little flustered. 

"I'll... I'll go take a shower," Taemin said and walked pass me while he made sure not to look at me. "You can just sleep on the couch."

And then he was gone. The door to the bathroom slammed and then I could hear the water running. I lay down on the couch, pulling the blanket all the way up to my nose. So this sweet, attracting scent is how Taemin smell? I loved this smell! It somehow made me calm down. I inhaled the scent one more time and then I closed my eyes. 

I was nearly falling asleep when I heard someone yell; "fuck!" from the bathroom. I thought about if I should get up and ask if something was wrong or if I should ignore it. I chose the first and walked to the bathroom door. 

"Something wrong?" I asked through the door. 

Taemin turned the water off so it was easier to speak. "No. No, nothing's w-wrong," Taemin said flustered. "Just go back to sleep. I'll be quiet."

"Then I'll go back to sleep," I said, but I didn't go back. I kept standing and then pressed an ear to the door. Taemin had turned on the water again and it was hard for me to hear what happened on the other side of the door, but it sounded like he tried to get control over his breathing. "Fuck," he said again really low. He turned the water off again and stepped outside the showering cabinet. I quickly got to the couch again. He shouldn't think that I eavesdropped. I pretend to be asleep when the bathroom door opened. I'd expected another door to open, but no door opened. Only the bathroom door closed. I could hear Taemin's bare feet when he walked over the floor. They came closer to me. I could hear and feel that he walked pass me and not long after I could hear the door to the refrigerator open. I opened my eyes slightly and I could see Taemin's body get illuminated by the light from the fridge. He only wore a towel around his waist. He drank some water from a bottle. His head was tilted backwards and it looked like he enjoyed the water really much. In the light from the fridge, I could see his exposed upper-body. You could slightly sense a six-pack and some biceps and triceps. His muscles weren't that big and that made him thin. He was quite thin, but he looked healthy. And I was sure that he was stronger than he looked. The scenario in front if me looked like a scene from a movie or a commercial for water. And it made it much more romantic that the light was dim. Taemin glanced at me. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep again. I think he sat the water back in the fridge, 'cause he closed the fridge again. I could feel Taemin coming towards me. I think he kneeled down beside me, because I could feel something breath on my neck, so he was close. Really close.

"You're asleep Jonghyun-ssi?" Taemin asked quietly.

I didn't answer. I didn't open my eyes. I didn't move. I just pretended to be asleep. 

Taemin took that as a no, since I didn't answer. "It's your fault for making me look so pathetic." Taemin placed a hand on my cheek and caressed it. "It's your fault my body's reacting like this." His fingers found their way to my hair. "Why are you doing this to me?" He leaned over me and kissed me softly on the forehead, like I'd did when his head hurt. "I don't like it." His hand found it's way down under the blanket. He laid his hand upon my chest. "I don't understand it." His slender fingers found my nipple and started pushing it around. "It's scary." He crawled up to me on the small couch. He snuggled in to me. "You smell so nice." His hand came more and more downwards. I could feel the chills coming through my body as his hands came longer and longer down my body. Taemin also got chills. I couldn't do anything. I was frozen. He was so close to me. His fingers freaked me out, but at the same time I wanted to feel them touch my skin more. I wanted him to move away from me, but at the same time I wanted to turn around and just hold him close into my chest. Taemin moved a little. I think he was on his elbow. His hand was close to my pants. He just needed to move it a little, like an inch, and then he would touch them. "I want you so badly." His lips found mine. His kisses were so light and soft. His tongue ran over my bottom lip. He bit it once and then went back to kissing it. He got more and more eager. He pressed himself closer to me. His kisses weren't that light and soft anymore. They got harder, longer and more eagerly for every kiss. "I want you and your body so badly." He now placed his hand upon my pants and rubbed himself against me. His kisses were still rough and hard. His hand moved in circle movements upon my pants. He stopped kissing my mouth and moved to my ear. I could hear his quick breathings in my ear. He bit my earlobe while rubbing against me and continuing the movements on my pants. Taemin placed himself a little on my chest. He started kissing my neck. He had one of his legs over my waist. He'd stopped rubbing against me, but continued the rubbing on my pants. I could feel my pants tightening. Taemin stopped working his hand on my pants and he stopped kissing my neck. He stiffened. He pulled a little away, but he was still upon me. He removed his leg from me. "See? This is what you do to me."

He kept laying there next to me. He needed to leave to his room, so I could get to the bathroom and remove the erection he'd worked so hard for to come. Why'd I even got an erection? We're just friends... Right? But, well, you can always have friends with "benefits". But I didn't see Taemin as a "friend with benefits", I saw Taemin as a... What exactly did I see Taemin as? After what he'd done I couldn't really see him as a friend. But did I ever see him as a friend? I've only known him for a day and I'm already in this kind of situation? So good at making friends, I am.

Taemin came closer to me again. "You're so unfair towards me."

My body reacted on it's own. My hand found it's way down to touch Taemin's towel covered member. I groped his member and a small sound escaped from Taemin's mouth.

"Y-you're awake?" he asked confused.

My mouth answered for me. "I've been the whole time." I opened my eyes to look at how he reacted. He looked terrified. "Why look so scared?"

My hand kept working on his member to get hard. I'd lost all control over my body. This was the most scarring thing I've ever tried. I'd lost my self-control. Taemin tried to get away, but I grabbed his wrist with my free hand. "Oh? Where do you think you're going?" He had no chance to slip away. I'd suddenly gotten so strong and he'd suddenly gotten so weak. My hand went underneath the towel Taemin wore, by it self, and it went up his inner thigh. He got chills through his body.

"Stop it Jonghyun-ahhh~!" Taemin exclaimed when I reached his member which got hard by my touch.

"You're being rude?" I asked and slipped Taemin underneath me and I got upon him. I was standing on my knees and hands over Taemin's body. My knees where pressed against Taemin's hips so he couldn't escape. My hands were on Taemin's wrists holding them over his head on the couch.

"N-no!" Taemin yelled and closed his eyes.

"That's good," I said and leaned closer to his face. I looked at his closed eyes. "Or else I needed to punish you."

Taemin opened his eyes and looked directly into mine. He had fear in his eyes.

"Don't punish me." He was panicking. He tried to get away from me, but he couldn't. He wasn't strong enough.

"Don't panic. I won't hurt you," I said and pressed my lips against his neck. "I won't," I said while my lips were pressed against his skin.

"Y-you won't?" he asked and relaxed a little in his body.

I looked him in the eyes again. "No," I assured him. I smiled at him. "I won't." I moved down to his neck again and started kissing it. Taemin stretched his neck and tilted his head a little to the side to expose his neck even more. I kissed him under his jawline and a small moan escaped his lips. I smiled against his skin. I moved up to his ear and whispered: "You like that?"

I moved down to his neck again.

"Y-yeah," Taemin said with hardship.

"Then what about this?" My brain was switched off. I couldn't decide anything. My body had the control. My brain couldn't control a thing. My tongue went out of my mouth and licked Taemin's neck. I went up to his ear and licked there. One of my hands let go of Taemin's wrist and my other hand held both of the wrists to the couch. I kept kissing him and ended up where his collarbone was.

My free hand went down his body and stopped right before reaching his member. I drew my finger lightly down to his member, and right before touching it, my hand went away again. Taemin reacted to this and I think it annoyed him, 'cause he said 's-stop teasing me,' after I'd repeated to movement a couple of times. I looked at him and smiled teasingly at him. I really wanted to kiss him on the lips, but I wasn't strong enough to do that. My hand never got down to touch his member before it went up to his nipple and played with it like he had did to mine. Taemin looked like he enjoyed it. His eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open. I started kiss his neck again and meanwhile my hips got a little lower so our crotches briefly touched each others. Taemin moaned out loud by the touch even though it was short and my pants where in between his skin and my skin. His erected member wasn't covered by the towel anymore. Not since I'd slipped him underneath me. He tried to get up to my face and tried to kiss me, but I backed away. I completely got off him and went away from the couch. I looked shortly back at Taemin, who was laying on the couch with a questioning, mixed with disappointment, look on his face. His entire body was exposed; his arms were still above his head and his legs were slightly spread.

"Why..." he started his question, but I cut him off.

"This is not me," I said and looked down on my erection in my pants. "It's because of the alcohol. I'm not gay."

I could hear some rustling from the couch and I looked to see naked Taemin, now sitting up, with his erected member. I quickly looked down and my cheeks went bright red. He got up from the couch and I bursted out that he needed to cover himself if he would get any closer. He just ignored my order and came closer.

"I know you aren't gay," Taemin said, and that made me look up, but mostly because I didn't wanted to look at his hardened member. "I knew that from the first time I saw you..." He looked down. "But you know; we're both drunk, we don't know what we're doing, why not try it?"

That... Was a weird suggestion. Why that suggestion? I wasn't gay, I just told him, and now he actually said we should try it? Because we were drunk?! I didn't like this. I wouldn't want to shove my penis inside someone's ass, and I wouldn't want to have shoved a penis inside my own ass. It was disgusting. And it was even more disgusting that I got a little bit turned on by thinking about it. I'd never had the thought about something going up inside me, I always thought that I was the one who should push something inside someone else.

"I'm not gay," I repeated. Taemin needed to get that into his head. I wasn't gay, and I would never be. I'd been straight my whole life. I talked about porn with the other guys when I was in high school. But one time I thought about how it worked between guys, so I searched on it and found some gay porn sites... That was the biggest mistake I'd made in my life. It looked so... Rough and disgusting, with all that sperm everywhere. I'd only watched gay porn once, and I was never going to watch it again.

Taemin took my hand. He looked into my eyes. "You don't need to be gay to play with toys." He slightly smirked and let go of my hand. He left the living room to his own room and came back with a rather big box. He sat the box down on the floor in front of me. He squatted down beside the box and started looking it through. He handed me something that I couldn't tell what was. An egg or something, I guess. I knew that it was used for women and I looked down on Taemin.

"Isn't this meant for women?" I asked and he got up to stand again.

"Uhm, yes it is, but men can also use it," he said and took the egg from my hand. "You know how to use it?"

I shook my head.

Taemin kind of sighed and then he started to shift the weight from foot to foot. "You... You shove it up your... Ass."

I reacted differently than what I'd expected. I thought the gay porn pictures would pop up in my head, but they didn't. Instead I listened closely to what Taemin said.

"How long should it go up?" I asked interested.

"That's... Different from person to person. You just need to make sure that the string is outside of your body or else you can't get it out again," Taemin said and found the string on the egg.

"Okay..." I said and looked at the toy. "I'm not that confident about shoving something up my ass."

Taemin also looked at the toy and stayed silent after what I'd said that.

"I-if you w-want to..." he said really low. "You... Could try it one me... If that helps..."

He looked down and flushed bright red. He looked like he didn't believe what he'd just said to me. It got a little awkward after Taemin had said it, and I tried to get the awkwardness go away by talking.

"Maybe it would help me getting an insight on how long it should go up," I said and took the toy in my hands turning it to get a better look at it.

Taemin looked up at me with a little bit of excitement.

"M-maybe," he said.

I smiled brightly at him. "But you need to say stop when it can't get any high up okay?"

"Sure," he said and returned my smile.

"And since this is my first time trying this;" I said and led him over to the couch again. "I'll be gentle."


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