I'll be gentle {JongTae} [+15]

Jonghyun works at an office where he spreads happiness to his co-workers. That's pretty much what he does. Then this new guy suddenly comes to work there too. Lee Taemin. 21 years old and quite nervous around people. What will Jonghyun do to this new guy when Taemin says that he doesn't like him? Well, of course it includes drinking.


1. The new guy


A/N: THIS WILL CONTAIN SMUT/YAOI WHICH MEANS THAT THERE'LL BE SEXUAL CONTACT BETWEEN TWO MALES!!!!! If you don't like to read something like this, then please go somewhere else ^^


  -------------------------------- Story:



He’s sighing again. He somehow looks cute when he sighs... Wae?! Why do I even have these kinds of thoughts about another male? A male… Who looks cute? There’s something wrong with my brain. Well, I didn’t sleep much yesterday either, so maybe that’s why. These thoughts, and my gaze, constantly searched for this new employee. My gaze found its way, on their own every time I was unfocused, so I tried to do as much work as possible, just so I would be more focused on my job. This new employee had started early this morning. Early and early, he’d met at our workplace the same time as everyone else. Everyone else except me. I was late as always. Even though I’m late almost every day, I’m not getting fired. The president, of the company, tells me that I send this weird kind of vibe when I smile and my co-workers “needs” my smile or something to give a good working process. So you could say that my smile saves my ass. And today is probably the day where I’ve worked most concentrated for a long time. Okay, to tell the truth, I don’t really work. I relax, smile and talk with my co-workers. I may sound like a “lazy ass”, but, and I’m not trying to defend myself, this is what I’m hired to do. I just need to cheer up the workers. If you don’t believe me then look at my contract.

The new employee sighed again. He caught my attention again. The thoughts about how cute he looked came again. Everything that I’d almost forgotten came again. Just one sigh, that made me remember it all again.

“Hey Jonghyun-ssi,” the man beside me said and pulled his elbow in the side of my stomach. “Go cheer him up.”

I looked at the man who sat beside me. Kim Kibum. This fellow was the first one to approach me when I started working here. That made me really happy, and soon after all the other employees started talking to me too. It didn’t take long time until I felt nice in the new surroundings. Maybe I should do that to the new guy. Welcome him. I felt happy when Kibum said ‘hi’ so why wouldn’t this guy?

“I’ll go cheer him up!” I said and rose from my chair.

I could hear Kibum giggle.

“Why are you giggling?! “ I asked and looked down on Kibum who still sat in his chair.

“It’s just,” he said while giggling. “You’re just so enthusiastic and you’re standing in that heroic pose. It looks so funny.”

I pulled my arm down again. Maybe I overreacted a little. It was not like I was going to save the whole world. I would only save this departments working environment.

“How should I approach him?” I asked and fell defeated down on my chair again.

Kibum started to giggle again while he looked over some work.

“It sounds like you’re going to approach someone you want to date.”

I blushed a little.

Hey, wait a second… I… Blushed? What is this?! I fucking blushed over this dude I’ve never spoken with before!

Kibum glanced quickly at me and then+ back on his papers. “You’re not falling for him, are you?”

“No!” I said protesting, but unfortunately I said it too fast and, again, too enthusiastic so Kibum assumed the opposite. “Seriously! I’m not falling for a dude. I’m straight!”

“Okay, okay,” Kibum said and put his hands defeated up in the air. “If you say so. But then move your little ass from here, to there.”

He pointed from our working spot to the new employee’s working spot. He sat there all alone. Actually there was a free spot beside on the other side of me, so why was he sitting there all alone?

“I’ll approach him,” I said once again and rose less enthusiastic than the last time.

“Good, good,” Kibum said still looking at his papers. “Go annoy him so I can do what I’m actually getting paid for.”

I took a few steps before the words sunk into my brain. I quickly turned. “Am I annoying you?”

I only got a smile in respond and then Kibum pointed at the new guy.

I turned again and took a few deep breaths before I started walking again. My heart started to pound  faster and faster for every step I took. I stood behind him and looked over his shoulder while he worked. He worked so seriously. I poked him one the shoulder and he turned. I’d leaned down a little and when he turned around, his face and my face were in the same height and only a few inches from each others.

“Hi, I’m Kim Jonghyun. Nice to meet you!” I said and smiled.

The new employee’s eyes radiated fear. He quickly backed off and his arms and hands was pulled out in front of him.

“S-stay away from me!” he screamed.

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