The Devil's daughter!

There is a woman who is in love with a man. They fall in love and have a few nights of love together. The woman lands up pregnant but doesn't realise until she is in hospital on the 6/6/96. She is in labour when the doctors tell her she was pregnant. The woman thought she was alright until she had her second child-her son. From this day on, nothing was the same, and her daughter was mental.


4. Moving on...forgetting...

So today, I got up at 6:00am to get ready for school. My step brother and sister were also up, I ran downstairs excited for my first day back at school. I popped some bread into the toaster and waited for it to pop up. When it popped up, I put some lemon curd on top and sat on the sofa. We have a little dog that goes crazy for lemon curd. It jumped next to me and tried licking my toast. I got very angry and flipped. I had a knife in my hand and I sliced the dog. It had to go to the vet so I had to walk to school by myself. When I got into school, I went into the toilets to check on my hair. I smiled to take a photo and noticed something sharp in my mouth. I went closer towards the mirror to see what it was. All I saw were..........FANGS! I am a vampire!! I decided to walk to lesson. When I got into class, I sat down at the back of the classroom where no one dares to sit next to me. I try to get used to my fangs, so I play with them a little bit. A little boy in my class was playing with his compass, when a girl stabbed him with it and blood poured out. I felt this sensation come over me, that I wanted to go suck his blood. I tried to hold myself back, but my fangs got sharper and sharper then my eyes went all black. Before I knew it, I was walking over to him. When time froze, we all froze. I lifted up my finger and twiddled it a bit and I sat back down in my seat, and there was no blood. Have I got powers. I decide to put my hand into my boots like Alex does on Wizards of Waverly Place, and I found a wand.I AM A WIZARD ASWELL. I decided to not tell Sue and Grant about this, as they wont believe me, then we would argue, then I would kill them. So I start walking home from school at 3 and I felt very weird. I walked further to the door when I realised that I could feel a weird sensation coming over me.  I knew I wouldnt be able to hide this from them, so I decided to confess all to them. So I just got into the house and I was soo tired so I through my bag on the hallway floor, slipped off my shoes and I ran as fast as I could upstairs.Before I had a chance to kick back and reflect on my day, Sue and Grant called me downstairs. I popped myself on the settee and listened to what they had to say to me. They told me that at 11:00am they got a phone call from my school saying I have been weird and sort of rude. I thought nothing of it, as I knew I wernt rude. They said I had fainted then I woke up and ranted for about 2 minutes fell back to sleep then woke back up normal. They decided to take me to a hospital to get me put down. They are sick evil people. BUT THEY DID IT! This story is starting now! Hi I am Rebecca, I am 16 and I am dead.

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