The Devil's daughter!

There is a woman who is in love with a man. They fall in love and have a few nights of love together. The woman lands up pregnant but doesn't realise until she is in hospital on the 6/6/96. She is in labour when the doctors tell her she was pregnant. The woman thought she was alright until she had her second child-her son. From this day on, nothing was the same, and her daughter was mental.


5. Life being gone, Life still there.


So last night I went on a trip. Im still there now and no one knows it. There is one weird thing about being dead, it’s that the person you really want to talk to, its just impossible to do so. BUT, I got to look at who was at my funeral, what they were doing and what my song was. In fact im listening to my song now, Good girl-Alexis Jordan;Its my favourite song and I made up a dance to it. OH GOSH! I just saw my mum and half brother walk past me, I saw their ghosts. Well im not scared coz I am one of them too. I guess I can say sorry now for all the pain I caused them. Well they deserved it in a way (well my mum did) but I felt very sorry for my half brother. I couldnt change what I had done, could I? Anyway, I strolled up to them, because the least they deserved was a sorry. I apologized, they turned around and my mother said, "DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. IM HAPPY YOUR DEAD BECAUSE NOW ALL THE PAIN YOU CAUSED ME AND YOUR BROTHER IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU. LEAVE US ALONE." I ran into my old bedroom and cried, no one could see me or hear me but I knew deep down my step mother and father would notice me.

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