The Chain Diary

This is my entry for the diary competition. When Olly finds a diary in his attic, strange things begin to happen. Even stranger is that these things happen in the diary.Olly must destroy the diary before it's to late...


1. Olly - 1

18th June 2005


I can't believe we don't get a Summer holiday! Who's stupid idea was that! Now we have too sit in a classroom copying things on to whiteboards. When I got home Mum said I should calm down, go spend some time in my room, the attic. How can I be calm?! The attic was a good idea though, so I went up there anyway. See if I could find anything new. Last week I found (believe it or not) an Olympic Gold medal! I dashed in to the room and start raking through boxes. I found a dusty old diary that looked ancient. Usually I'm not much of a book-person, but the title grabbed my attention,' My little book of murder'. I found a comfy position on my bed and begin to read...


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