Songs of life

Sange inspireret udfra oplevelser i mit liv...


1. You will die


I see you.

I see everything.

I see how you betray me.

I see how you lie.

I see how you poison my life!


You will die.

Fall for my knife.

The hate within my heart burns.

Burns to get out.

Hate, betrayal, pain, anger, fury.

It all burns in my heart.


You looked at me with that horrible love in your eyes.

It makes me want to tear them out.

A finger so gently touches my chin.

You better watch it or I will break it. 

You say you love me higher than anything.

Well I got news for you, anything is no more.


Hurt, scream, yell, cut, break and destroy.

I haven’t got the words to describe how much I want to hurt you.

You hurt me, I hurt you.

Doesn’t it seem fair?

How can you pretend to love me?

When I tell you every day that I don’t.


Our lips used to touch.

I use to smile.

Those days are no more.

They are gone.

Torn away.


Take it back, take it all back.

I can’t bear this pain no more.

When I see you face, it hurts.

I hurt so deep inside.


A hug, a fake smile, perhaps a little laugh.

A greeting, a wave to friends.

A little kiss to say it’s all fine.

But it’s a lie.

They know better.

They whisper in the corners;


“Is it over soon?”

“Why do they stay together?”

“I saw him with someone else.”

“Does she know?

And yes of course I know.

I know, I see.

And I tell myself that I hear.


No more I say.

No more I say.

But how can I…

Oh how can I live without you my love?

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