Impulsive. Fantasy.
Mathew, Charlene and Dave. A ticking bomb, a true demon, a perfect weapon.
Ready to fight?


3. Saying goodbye.

The creatures went into the woods. It was empty, quiet. Waiting. A signal of moonlight killed four creatures at once. A rain of arrows. Three people, at least a hundred of creatures. Crachlich. Dave had reached them. A warrior, ready to kill for fun, or just to see the blood all around. A killer with a mind. But also, a side of him was taken by the darkness of his life. Hid in shadows. Closing his eyes. Surrounded by creatures. Imagine the kills. Like a thousand knives in your mind, you make them real, and you make them kill. A special skill. The perfect weapon.

Charlene was different. Her kills were fast. From her shoulder and down a huge blade filled with blood. Small sharp knives in both hands. Thirty creatures gone in less than ten minutes. At the end, eat their soul, and make a final attack. A true demon.

Mathew pushed his sword through the chest of a monster, and stopped it's heart. His wings waved big and dark, as his eyes lightened up for the joy of kills. A fire burned from his soul, an evil power of death which were best kept inside. It had a risk of killing himself as well. A ticking bomb, just waiting to let go.


Three people. A hundred of dead Crachlichs.



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