Impulsive. Fantasy.
Mathew, Charlene and Dave. A ticking bomb, a true demon, a perfect weapon.
Ready to fight?


2. Innocent


Her soul screamed inside. She felt like letting go. She had a mission.

Charlene took the power of the dead animal. She wasn't afraid. Started running.


Mathew's wings broke through his t-shirt. At the last second he turned away from the earth. It looked like he flew up with a goal; reaching the stars. He could still hear the screams. He broke through the clouds, smelled the fresh air. He looked at the great big dark sky. And he wasn't afraid. One of the creatures grabbed his foot; he was shocked. He didn't expect them to be so.. fast. Just to attack him out of nowhere. Mathew fought, tried to kick the creature. His wings pushed the air, tried to fly higher. He bit his lip, tried to reach Charlene's mind, he knew she was there. The creature flew up against him, tried to bite, reach his neck. He punched to the right, a minute too late – the creature was fast. He spanned around, felt the creature grab his shoulder. It had scratched his wing, and he took it all close to his body; fell. Fell with the creature, only hoping to let it hit the ground before himself.


Charlene. Her eyes were purple, the hair was white, and her skin was dark. She smiled, as her hair were touched by the wind. She jumped from the earth to the closest tree, then another tree, a third, faster, moving faster, almost impossible to see; if it wasn't because of her hair. A little shiny silver dot, jumping around at the trees. She was close to the enormous rocks now, paradise, jumped again, she could still hear his breath. Charlene. Mathew. He was closer, closer than before and she could hear him above her. Just at the right second, she jumped from a rock and hit the creature that had hurt Mathew. They hit the ground, and she turned, ready to finish her thought. She found her knife, cut the throat and then hid in the shadows. She took the life power at distance.

Mathew watched Charlene do her work. The word assassin ran through his head. She was a murderer. And he liked her.

He remembered when he saved her, he found her as a slave. She was different.


An arrow got him back to life. He wasn't hurt, but the arrow were just beside his head, and next time they would probably hit perfectly. Crachlich. Mathew took his weapon, a wonderful sword of death, and recharged his powers of magic. He was ready. & he wasn't afraid.

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