Dude: My Sexuality

-entry for the diary competition-

Luke, a teenage boy who's world is currently upside down, is faced with the challenge of accepting who he is. This challenge is made incredibly difficult for him when a bunch on teen lads torment him. Will Luke find the courage to accept who he was born to be?


2. So Much For Role Models



You’d think having a model for a mother would have its benefits, especially when that mother has a son who has a bunch of very hormonally-frustrated peers, but nope. At first, I thought my mother’s good looks would be my source of blackmail. Maybe I’d get some decent friends. I was wrong of course, they take the piss out of me; they call my mother horrible names as if she belongs in the gutter and that I am her regretted mistake. I sound like a whiny girl who’s got PMS but just because I’m a guy it doesn’t mean I can’t complain now and again. Right? I barely see my mother and I don’t really want to know what she does to occupy her time. I haven’t got a clue where or who my father is either. Is that such a bad thing? I’ve taught myself how to play sport and FIFA even though I hate them entirely. Who needs a father when everything is so easy to learn on your own? To be honest, I kind of prefer my life like this. One less parent to worry about.

Here`s a thought, if I write down how I see myself maybe I can figure out why I’m so unpopular, a bit of reflection is supposed to be good for the soul. I’m about five foot eight, have a slender and slightly muscular body. My hair is in semi-good condition, it’s black and sweeps across my forehead. Two large blue, almond-shaped eyes guarded by rather long black eyelashes. Do long eyelashes on a guy make him look gay? Maybe that’s why I’m unpopular and I am most certainly NOT gay!

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