And we meet. Finally.

He is Manmay (me). An engineering student, bored as hell, seeking redemption through facebook.
She is Neha. Also an engineering student; talented, beautiful, good at everything, everyone's dream girlfriend material.
Manmay's redemption takes her to Neha. They both meet on facebook and off they go.
They become very good friends and look forward to talking with each other. Manmay wants to meet her, but she doesn't show any of those sign. It's been 10 months they have known each other, yet they haven't met.
Their friendship had just been limited to facebook. Although, Manmay tried 2 times to meet her, devising plans for the same, but to his dismay they failed.
He plans to meet her this time no matter what.

Will he meet her?

This is the story how things turned from being virtual into real.


4. Stepping towards her.


After texting her that I would be there within 5minutes, I raced back to the orientation room having grabbed an Appy Fizz with me to drink. I had to drink something; my mouth had dried out, out of nervousness. She had asked me to come, meet her; what would you expect my reaction to be!

With each step of getting close to the room where she was waiting, my heart beat was increasing monotonically. I was getting anxious, nervous, happy, excited and what not. While walking the distance between the cafeteria and the orientation hall, I thought of thousands of possible opening lines which I were likely to speak when I would confront her for the first time, to make my impression.

I reached the orientation room and stationed myself just outside the front door. I could see her sitting at exactly at the same place where she was before I left the building. I had seen her countless times on facebook, but this was different. This feeling that had started fomenting inside me was overwhelming. It was such a feeling that I was ready to die for.

I was still outside the room, trying to find my courage to hop inside and stand beneath her. To tell you the truth, I was scared! But it was no time to back down. I checked my configuration; I wanted to look my best.

I was wearing a Killer’s Denim Shirt that was perfectly ironed, a black half jacket to avoid the morning chill and my Integriti Jeans. Perfect!

I went in through the back door.

I was closing in on her and now I could spot her easily, 'There she is!' My heart went on rampage, my brain started bashing inside my head and I was shaking from head to toe. Yes, I was that nervous.

You came this far, now there is no way you would want to back down. Hold yourselves together, this is gonna be the best day of your life.” I was receiving constant assurance from one end but my body had started giving in.

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