And we meet. Finally.

He is Manmay (me). An engineering student, bored as hell, seeking redemption through facebook.
She is Neha. Also an engineering student; talented, beautiful, good at everything, everyone's dream girlfriend material.
Manmay's redemption takes her to Neha. They both meet on facebook and off they go.
They become very good friends and look forward to talking with each other. Manmay wants to meet her, but she doesn't show any of those sign. It's been 10 months they have known each other, yet they haven't met.
Their friendship had just been limited to facebook. Although, Manmay tried 2 times to meet her, devising plans for the same, but to his dismay they failed.
He plans to meet her this time no matter what.

Will he meet her?

This is the story how things turned from being virtual into real.


2. Reached her college. What next?


30th December. Time to execute the plan.

I woke up at around 7:45AM in the morning; my alarm woke me up.

Questions, doubts started clouding my view without losing any time. Will I be able to do it? It is always easier thought than done. Will the plan work out? What if I get busted?

“woo…wooh!! Give me break. I just woke up.” I Said to myself, shutting the questions for a minute or so.

I started feeling like; I was going to rob a bank today and getting busted meant imprisonment!!

Somehow, I held myself together. I grabbed my keys. The clock showed 8:30AM and it was time to head out.

“I’m going to Alok’s house and I might get late, so don’t worry.” I lied to my father. I had to; I couldn’t just say I was going to see my Neha for the first time. Forgive me Dad.

I scanned the map for one final time. Petrol Pump was the landmark I had set after which I would reach a chowk and then I had to take right turn and there you go, destination reached.

Riding on the highway, my eyes yearned for the petrol pump. I had covered a distance of 8kms already and there was no sign of the petrol. Google map had suggested the total distance between my house and her college as 8.4kms. Where the fuck is that petrol pump? Searching for the petrol pump, I had travelled another 10-12kms already.

  Fuck! Where did the cross-road go?” I thought. I U-turned and started heading back. How can I get lost? Damn!!

There is that fucking petrol pump and that must be the chowk.” I recognized the cross-road and thought, how could I miss that one!

Excitement, Nervousness had blinded me, I guess.

I had travelled an additional distance of 20-24kms and I was late. 9:40AM. Fuck!! Her competition must have started already. I drove as fast as possible. I reached her college, finally!!

I parked my bike and wondered where should I head to from there? Where was the venue?

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