The Dairy of Topaz Love

This Diary belongs to a fourteen year old girl.Who used to be a happy joyful girl but in a accident loses her hearing.Read this Diary to feel close to this special girl and how her life is for her and changing.This story will hopefully come close to your heart.


1. Dear Diary

You probably got better things then to hear a story about a sad lonely girl.But i want a ray of light in my life.My name is Topaz Love it may sound like a beautiful name but it belongs to a lonely girl.I can't take all the pain by myself it hurts so much.My mum used to care for me but after the accident she treats me like i'm dead and doesn't care.My Father left my mother when i was born.I used to have friends,a guy i loved but most of all a life.Now its all gone Noone talks to me any more they point at me and laugh or just stare at me when i'm there.When were put into groups Noone comes with me the teacher eventually forces someone who stare at me and say horrible stuff which i can't hear but they sound like the deaf girl.That's what they call me.They tease me and sneer at me.I used to feel happy at school now all i feel is Pain.Once a girl i thought was my friend pushed me on the floor i tried not to let the tears fall but it was no use.I feel all alone and scared of everyone the only person i could talk to is you Diary i wish you were real person Diary and that i had a friend.

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