A lovers Last Words

This poem was written by a women who survived the apocalypse of Astril in 2E685. It is the only documented piece of writting that describes what happened that day. Partly used in chapter 4 - The Event, in my book Requiem: Life on Verigo. Here is the full piece.


1. A Lovers Last Words

We held high our heads that day,
Ignorance we wore as crowns.
Proud I stood with my dear spouse,
Our love visible through crowds.

O' how the birds did dance,
The joyous' singing slurred.
Our eyes did meet once or twice,
So deeply they drowned the sun.

The honored man took his throne,
His words graced our virgin ears.
We replied with obedient mouths,
Our love our gift on his day of birth.

A ripple a gasp all went silent,
Our leader led but no more.
His body torn his crown did fall,
As did the hearts of men.

Stars above did start to fall,
Along with all our souls.
The sky bled a thick crimson,
Then flooded our festive streets.
Flames embraced our fair buildings,
The joyous now fought with themselves.
Screaming did drown the child's hopes,
As no more would walk this land.

Then the ground opened wide,
Fissures swallowed all we had loved.
Buildings tumbled in on themselves,
Helpless we stood and mourned.

He held my hand, did my love.
Held tight and whispered softly.
"I've been with you always my love,
Not even death will stop me."

"Run!" we rushed towards the ships,
Manufactured angles were their guise.
Through struggle and pain we made our way,
With my love still by my side.

Feet touched metal saving ground,
I had made it fate was with me.
Looking back I should have known,
That fate would take him from me.

My luck was much the price was too,
For my loves body did fall.
He fell from grace and from my grasp,
His love though always with me.

                       Elisia Moore, 2E685
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