1. Era


Old times haunts you down now

Everywhere you take a step inside

Your foot touches every bruise she’s left

Still you don’t tell a word for a respect

I cannot seem to find what’s defect?


Feelings you hold inside your heart

Are burning up as you walk down the streets

And your eyes meet some like hers

A box of fire stands beside you thinking

But do you recognize the memory I’m linking?


My weakness tear me closed for bright

And I’m drowning in these tears tonight

For all the pretending I’ve leaded you on

I hope someday I’ll tell you how I feel

'Cause this pain and these tears are real


Everything crumbles away from me

I watch life running away from me

More love more memory more me

I’m lost in between who are the real me?


Over and over I’ve been scared to scream

Scared to stand out for myself

Here I stand honoured to let you go

But this battle has left me deeply broke

For all the love I should have stoke


The good life is calling out for your hand

So take a hold take the chance

Chapters are written and

Good old memories comes to an era glance 


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