Dim Dog

Dogs get up to lots when humans are away!!!!!


3. The mud 'n' grass

 The grass feels soft and smooth on my fur as I head towards the muddy areas. I dig and dig for about 2 hours. It's hard work but I soon uncover a brick-like object, filled with so many words that I decided to bury it about a month ago. I cover up my mess by covering the hole with the soil left over. Dogs are smarter than humans it's just fact. I am so, so clever that I cover up evidence EVERY single time. Some dogs are not born with such talent but most like me are! There is maybe only one very small thing wrong with us dogs. We have a really ANNOYING thing hanging off the rear end of our body. I can't help myself but to chase it for a whole hour until I finally grab hold with my teeth and regret chasing it! I think I need a bath...

 I sit in the jacuzzi gliding from rocky-side to rocky-side. I look over at the mud 'n' grass area, what a beautiful place, I think to myself. I look down at the green circular luxurys of the jacuzzi not to mention the orange sticks that float at the top! I love to paddle in the green water and the jacuzzi is very spacious which always helps! I clamber out of the jacuzzi and shake all the water from my body onto the grass. I hear the door handle open and race into the food eating room and wait for the humans arrival... 

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