Dim Dog

Dogs get up to lots when humans are away!!!!!


2. Got the cube to myself

 I stroll into the room which has 'those things that humans sit on' and the 'magic box' inside it. I trip and let out a big yelp as the magic box zips into life! I will finish those cats off myself. I jump up at the magic box and claw into it! The magic box falls over and sparks burst out from the bit that I had destructed with mighty power! Those humans will be so happy I scared those cats away. They (being the humans) will not call me dim dog no more, oh no, my new name is: HERO HENRY! Well, I have the cube to myself. I'm hungry...

 Another reason why humans are dumb. The food storage has a big wooden plank in the way!!! Whenever you push it, it won't budge, when you go the side of the plank and charge into it, it swings open but by the time you've chosen, the door slams in your face! I've tried the easy way, now it's time for the hard way. With all the power I have, I push a small object (that they use to put food on top) into the side of it and within seconds it tumbles to the ground and cracks in half spilling all the food onto the floor, and inviting me to an all you can eat buffet! Mission complete! Once again I have helped the humans with there little food problem. I snack on my buiscuts and help myself to some bread. I 'm rather full so I decide to explore that mud 'n' grass area...

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