Going to see The Wanted!

This story is a true story of when I went to see The Wanted at their Birmingham radio tour BRMB, Capital and Heart.


4. Running to the next!

Next they were at Heart and capital which was round the corner so we all ran round there. It was first come first served sorta thing you had to get there quickly and they only let a certain amount in. We were all waiting and they came past us and went inside. We were all screaming and shouting we love you, while going up the stairs the boys kept looking out of every window and pulling a funny face in the 3rd window tom and jay pulled there top up and laughed when we all screamed. They did the radio went downstairs and ate but awkwardly because we could all see them eating and came out. Just before they came out Tom came out for a cigarette and we were all shouting to him. When they all came out we had a group pic with them then they had to go. It was a day to remember, so worth skipping one college day for it. 

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