Psst, I Think You're Beautiful

I'm entering this into a competition but I don't think it fits quite properly into any category?But anyway, it's about a guy who saw the beauty in the imperfections of the one he loves.Hope you like it=)


2. Fashion Competition?

May 2002
It was great. Life was great. In fact, I don't think life could have gone anymore perfect...UNTIL,the news reporter announced that there will be a fashion competition in England
-which let me just point out, is located halfway across the world-,but that's not the worst part. Oh no.It gets better, because Brad Pitt -yes.BRAD PITT- is going to be one of the judges. And my best obsessed with him.

"If you say anything,about that fashion competition...I am leaving this room." I glanced at Sarah who pursed her lips together before jumping around like a lunatic.
"You can't model." I said. I've known Sarah for five years and not once had I seen her wearing a dress. In fact, she's probably the only girl I know who goes around wearing big, black combat boots with baggy jeans.
"Sure I can. You strut, put your chin up,then squint your eyes like you're angry at the world."
"And if you have to wear a dress, then what?"
"I'll do what it takes." she said, then she smiled. I hate it when she smiles at me like that, cause almost immediately my heart stops, and I fall deeper in love with her. But I can't tell her that, so I looked away, and pointed at the picture of Brads Pitt that's hanging on the wall.
"What do you see in him anyway? I mean, come on. He looks...", I didn't even know how to finish that sentence, so I just looked at her. I already knew what she was going to say, but I just wanted to watch her talk, to see the way her hands wave in the air as if she was conducting an imaginary orchestra. I wanted to hear her voice, that soft velvety voice. Just by talking, just by being there, she captivates me. "Hello?" Sarah waves at me, taking me out of my trance, "are you listening?"
"Sorry, what were you saying?"
"I was just asking if you wanted to come with me to look for a dress that I'd be wearing for Brad," she coughs, "...for the fashion competition.
I didn't know what I was thinking, but I said yes anyway.
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