Psst, I Think You're Beautiful

I'm entering this into a competition but I don't think it fits quite properly into any category?But anyway, it's about a guy who saw the beauty in the imperfections of the one he loves.Hope you like it=)


5. Epilogue

April 2012
Its been almost ten years since Sarah died, and everyday, I wake up wishing I stopped her. Wishing I did something. If I told her how I felt, maybe she would've stayed. But I didn't, because I wanted Brad Pitt to meet her, and to see how amazing she is. But thinking about it now, Sarah didn't need an audience, or a group of judges to say that she's beautiful, or that she's smart and funny, because to be honest, I don't think there's anybody else in the world that's as perfectly imperfect as she is.

So I'll go back to my question earlier: how do you know if what you're feeling is true love? I ask myself this question every night, and it took me ten years to find the answer. Truth is, you don't ever know its true love. But you assume it is, because that's what true love is; it's when you don't know whether a relationship will last but you still dream of having a future together. True love is that silence between your conversations because you already know what they're thinking. True love is when you love someone because you love them, not because you expect them to love you back. Just like you, I dreamed of having a future with someone -Sarah, I treasured all those silent moments with her because I already knew all those words she left unspoken, and I knew it was true love because I loved her with all my heart, not expecting anything in return. I guess my point is, when you do find the one who means everything to you, cherish every moment with them because -as cliched as it sounds- no moment really lasts forever, and you may just wake up one day and find out that they're gone.
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