Mummy Mysteries

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  • Published: 5 Apr 2012
  • Updated: 8 Apr 2012
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There are many, and i mean MANY, ways a class trip can go wrong.
But somehow, I didn't expect that finding my best friends mummy would be one of them.
-I won second place in the diary contest with this -thx a lot!-


4. No animals allowed in the museum


Shit, shit, shit! It’s Sunday! Sunday night. I have to get this finished before Monday. Don’t worry. You’ll still get all the details. It sounds like it’s going to be a real long story. But actually it’s pretty simple. If you believe me. Which you will not. Trust me. You won’t.  

I don’t feel the urge to explain how the museum was, or what we made before … my little episode… It was pretty museum-ish. The antique collection was kind of basic Egypt stuff, and you could see Carlos was used to school classes as us. I couldn't resist the urge to sneak off, a bit. No one noticed. Almost. I walked a bit around in the museum, and after 10 minutes or so, I found it. The door to death, it was labeled. Now, isn't that cheery?

Then I saw it.


I could have thought it was just an old mummy. I heard the tour guide talking about hooks in noses and brains. The head wasn't bandaged, or whatever you call it.

I feel like vomiting, whenever I think about it. Chrissie, my best friend Chrissie, beautiful Chrissie with auburn hair, and ever smiling soft brown eyes. She was staring at me. Her eyes glassy. I wish I hadn't looked. Suddenly the museum guide and his brain story was unusually tempting. Her hair was filthy, black and full of dirt. No, not dirt. Black-reddish clumps hang in it. Blood.

I hyperventilated. My heart was beating. You may now ask yourself, how could I recognize her?

I just knew. The high cheekbones, the big, round eyes, always looking surprised. The hair, curly and in a ponytail, which had looked beautiful last week, but now only looked grotesque, and as if someone had lost a rag doll in the mud, and thereafter tried to comb it's hair back.

I can't believe I didn't get suspicious. Who's best friend, especially a friend like Chrissie, wouldn't call or text you? Why didn't I visit her?

But maybe it was good I didn't. I doubt that Vanessa, their Au pair, would let me in. And even if I had gotten in, I would probably end up with the same fate as her. And that wouldn't help any of us, now would it?

I heard a scream. Until I noticed, that my mouth was open. It was me screaming.

It's funny, usually I say that I'm not the "stand still and scream type". I always convinced myself that I was more the "paralyzed of chock" type. I had never fainted, never really screamed when something good happened... But I guess that you don't really know what type you are, until you stand in the situation.

I heard footsteps. Mrs. Forte was coming, alone, swearing under her breath. She had probably thought that I sneaked of (true), had come back (true) and now screamed because I A) wanted attention (false) or B) had fell or had some minor injury (also false).

I actually was paralyzed. Looking at my best friends mummy, but not taking in anything. Everything seemed so sharp and blurry at once.

The last thing I remember have seen clearly was an animal. It looked like a dog, or little wolf. What is the word? A jackal.

It looked at me. If animals have emotions, I couldn't guess this ones. But there was something in it eyes. Something I never have seen in an animals eyes before. Not because I often stare into jackal eyes...

It was determination.

Then I passed out.

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