Mummy Mysteries

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  • Published: 5 Apr 2012
  • Updated: 8 Apr 2012
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There are many, and i mean MANY, ways a class trip can go wrong.
But somehow, I didn't expect that finding my best friends mummy would be one of them.
-I won second place in the diary contest with this -thx a lot!-


6. Epilogue

So, this was my story. Do you believe me? Probably not. Today is Monday. School. Everyone acted a bit weird around me. We all were sad. I still wait for it. Try to live normal. But I can't. Anubis and Chrissies mummy haunt me everywhere I go. The security cams say nothing. No Jackal, no Anubis. I only told the story once. Didn't repeat it. Let the doctors convince me in their theory, Everyday minute I resist the urge to jump out of the window. Only writing helps me. Instead, when I write, I resist the urge to throw my laptop out of the window. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week.. Maybe in a year... But now, I have to stop. I have to live life with those I love before it is too late. Who knows, maybe I even get to invite Matt to a date, that would surely be fun... Well, I have to stop, before I end something like Jess.

Xoxo (Come on, you know me better than that!)

Good luck with your miserable, boring-ass life!


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