Gym is my life

And what if...and what if one of your best friends die in the gym where you train every single day? Artistic gymnastic is my life, but can it also be my death?


2. Kaylie


The changing room wasn't anymore the changing room I used to know: it was red because of the blood and in the middle... her, Kaylie   She was lying on the pavement. Her body was covered with blood. The expression of her face was pure pain. Her hands were holding her stomach, I think that's from all that blood came, and her legs were in an unnatural position.    She had been my best friend since I started going to the gym, that means since ever...    I couldn't stand one more minute looking at her.    I ran.   More than I had ever ran.   "Lara!" the coach called after me, but I didn't turn back.   I just ran.
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