Sophia visits Nandos, to get something for lunch. Ditched by her friend, she carries her tray to her seat when someone walks into her and makes her drop her food. Without being able to place the kind stranger, she starts talking and a friendship is quickly formed. But as the friendship grows into something more, what'll happen when the one she likes fails to tell her that he's an international pop-star and tours with his band around the world?

Will she accept it and come to terms with a new life as a popstars girlfriend - Or will the transition and lack of privacy become too much?


1. The clutz.


Sophia balanced with a tray, stuffed with different food. On her school-trip to London, she had been recommended this place by a friend - Unfortunately, said friend had left her here, after she had ordered, so now she was stuck with both all the food and the bill. She frowned, it really was kinda unfair, considering how low her own budget was.    

At least she could walk away on a full-stomach though - Right? And it wasn't all bad. She could taste different things! Even if this wasn't really the traditional English food she had been thinking about trying. She glanced at the window as she passed a group of strangers sitting in a booth, when someone walked into her, smearing her tray over her chest and stomach while the other person got plenty on himself as well.  


She gasped and stepped back, dropping the tray and staring at the large red, orange, stain that slowly grew bigger as her t-shirt absorbed the moisture. She blinked, then looked up at the person whom had walked into her.


" Oh my god.. I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking! I was day-" He babbled, his bright blue eyes shining and his face looking guilty. He had the cutest little blush all while doing so, and that was what made her smile. He seemed oddly familiar, but she couldn't quite place him. As if she had seen his face somewhere, but didn't know the name. She could see some bright blond hair, blue eys and a cutest and honest face - Even if it was all hidden under the hood of his white jacket.  


" It's okay, really!" She interupted his flow of speech and bent down to pick up a bit of the food. She had the decency not to leave it all to the cleaning ladies. He immideatly bent down, helping her with quick motions, much more efficient than she was. He just took it all in his arms, not caring that his blue polo got stained. She laughed softly at him, and he looked at her with a puzzled look.  


" I mean.. That's what happens right? But look at you! Now we're both dirty." She said, cocking an eyebrow at him as the both stood up and walked to the trashcan. He shrugged, smiling carelessly.   


" Oh.. Guess so. It's alright though, nothing a bath can't fix, right?" He said, smiling and looked sadly down at the food as they threw it in the can. " What a waste.. I'm sorry I ruined your lunch." He frowned, sighing as he rubbed the back of his hood. Then he lightened up again, and looked at her with a bit of a shy smile " I can make it up to you if you want to? Get you something new? I got a pretty good look at what was on your tray." He said and motioned her shirt, which was still greased in by the remains of both chicken and what not.  


She laughed, a bit shy herself. " It's really not necessary.. I'm sure you've got other places to go. You were leaving, right?" She asked and took a few napkins, trying to off a little bit of it. It stuck uncomfortably to her stomach, and it was quite noticeable. It would seem that Nando's food was quite colorful.   He held up his hands and shook his head.


" No no! It's really not a bother. I was just done eating, so I was going to grap some desert" He grinned to her, and motioned the window with his thump. As she glanced that way, she noticed a booth in the middle of the street, selling both ice cream and various other sweet stuff. She smiled at that.    "I've got plenty of time left. Just find a seat and i'll get you something" He said, nodding as to confirm it and giving her a small puff down from where he had come from. She blinked, then grinned and nodded, walking down at the back of the restaurant and sitting in a empty booth.   


About 5 minutes later, he came back to her with the tray filled with food again. " I hope you're hungry!" He announced as he put down the tray and slid in opposite of her. She laughed quietly, as he had actually memorized most of what she had had on her tray, simply by looking at the stain of her shirt. She was impressed, she had to admit.   


" Impressive. You remembered all of that from just the stain?" She asked, poking at some chicken stuff on a place. He grinned sheepishly, which caught her attention. Again she cocked an eyebrow and looked at him, expecting to get an explanation of his grin. But no, he just shook his head and pushed the tray over to her. "You know.. Most of this was actually for a friend of mine. I'm not all that hungry." Sophia said as she stuck a piece of chicken in her mouth and started to chew it. It actually tasted quite good, and she wasn't even all that in for chicken.  


" Really? Where is your friend now then?" Blondie asked her and looked around the restaurant. She blushed a bit at having to admit that she had been ditched.   


She cleared her throat. “ Well, she kinda.. Got something else to do.” She said and shrugged it off, as if it hadn’t bothered her. IN reality, it did. Was she really that boring?  


Oh.. That's kinda mean. Well, look at the bright side then! More food for you! Mind if I have a bite, if you’re not gonna eat it all?” He asked and she laughed at the way his eyes lit up when he asked if he could eat something as well.  


Feel free! You paid for it after all, right? But didn’t you just eat?” She asked as she poked her food and looked at him with a smile. He nodded as he started on some chicken as well.   He chewed off a mouthful before he answered her.


“Yeah but this is Nando’s! You can never have too much Nando’s!” He said with a finger raised as if he was teaching her a very important lesson. She couldn’t help but laugh softly at his enthusiasm as he grapped some more and chewed it quickly.  


I guess it’s okay.” She said, poking her chicken as she took a new bite.  


Okay? Are you kidding me? You bet it is! You’ve never been here before?” He asked her, looking quite shocked at her. She then shook her head and looked down her plate.  


No.. We don’t have Nando’s at home.” She said and smiled at him. When he looked puzzled she continued. “I’m only here on a school-trip.”  


Oh.. Where're you from then?” He asked, looking interested at her. She wasn’t used to this kinda attention, so she blushed a bit then smiled and answered her. She was from Denmark.  


Denmark huh? Rings a bell.. That’s around Sweden and Norwegian, right?”  


“Yeah.. It’s around there. We’re the little country below them, right on top of Germany.” She said, nodding and eating In the break.  


I’ve been in both countries.. Seemed pretty nice. Didn’t understood much of what they were saying, unless they spoke in English of course, but they seemed nice. Never visited Denmark though. Is it nice there?”   


He surprised her a bit, because he actually seemed genuinely interested in listening to her. She wasn't used to that.   " I guess. It's pretty alright, there's a lot of rain though." She said, shrugging.   "


Same as here in London then... Don't live here either." He said before throwing himself into a longer explanation.   For what seemed like forever, but was really only around an hour they sat and talked about their hometowns, countries, different traditions and families. Then her phone rang, the sound of Backstreet Boys filling the restaurant. Quickly she pulled the phone out and held it to her ear.  


" Oh... I have to go. Gonna have to meet with the rest of the group soon." Sophia said, quite disappointed actually. He seemed really nice, was it all gonna end now? Then she looked up as he reached over the table and snatched her phone. He gave her it back a few minutes later and smiled at her.   


"Don't even think I got your name, did I? Mine's Niall." He said. then nodded to the phone. "Hope you don't mind I saved my number and texted myself so I got yours?" As if on cue, his phone beeped and announced that he had a new text. He shrugged and smiled at her. " So? Gonna give me a name to save your number with, or are you just going to stay as my 'mystery girl?"  


" Sophia..."   


" Cute name.. It suits you."He said, smiling at her as he got up and to leave, putting on his almost-stain-free-jacket. " Nice to meet ya'. Give me a call sometime, aight?" He said, making the irish accent more pronounced. He gave her a hand to get up with, and she took her own jacket – Which had been around her waist most of the time – and zipped it. She winced at the stain which was evident on that as well, even if not quite as visible.  


Niall patted his pockets until he found his sunglasses, pulling them out and putting them on. She frowned at him, then he took off his jacket and handed it to her. " Here ya' go."


" No.. It's not necessary, I might not even be able to give it back.." She said, not accepting it.  


" I rely on seeing you again sometime.. Don't worry. You don't wanna go around with that huge stain all day, right?" He smiled, not letting her give it back as he just popped the sunglasses in place.  


" ... Alright." She said, hesitating to take it. She put on, it was a bit bigger than hers so it fit nicely with her own jacket under it - She didn't have anything to have it in anyway - and zipped it. Then she smiled at him.


" What's with the sunglasses? It's not that shiny outside, is it?"  


" I know but.. My eyes are just really sensitive." He said, but she didn't quite believe him. He smiled at her and followed her out, where they parted their ways. As soon as he turned a corner and was out of sight, she got her phone out and looked through her contacts on her phone and smiled as she noticed what he had called himself. 'The clutz.'. 

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