Sophia visits Nandos, to get something for lunch. Ditched by her friend, she carries her tray to her seat when someone walks into her and makes her drop her food. Without being able to place the kind stranger, she starts talking and a friendship is quickly formed. But as the friendship grows into something more, what'll happen when the one she likes fails to tell her that he's an international pop-star and tours with his band around the world?

Will she accept it and come to terms with a new life as a popstars girlfriend - Or will the transition and lack of privacy become too much?


2. Nialls Rubiks Cube


Authors Note: I'm going to warn the readers of this.. I like to drag this stuff out. It's going to be a longer story, I don't like rushed relationships in these, as I don't feel like they're very realistic.. It's not the point with them, I know, but I still like them to be dragged a bit out.  




Sophia leaned against the cold window in the bus. Most of her class was already fast asleep, understandable, it had been a long day. Getting up earlier just to jog around London town, she had been disappointed at the places they had visited that day. The science museum had been far less interesting than she had hoped for, and the fact that her group had gotten lost hadn't helped on her day.   


She sighed. She wasn't usually like this, it took far more to annoy her. But she was still a bit hurt of her friend ditching her, 3 days ago at Nandos, even if the outcome had been good. Also, Niall hadn't texted her. And she was much too shy to text him first.  


He probably didn't even remember her, she thought with a small, sad, smile on her lips. She was blend, plain, with straight light brown hair that reached to her shoulders, and hazel eyes. She was quite normal with her figure, being neither overweight or underweight - In addition, she wasn't very tall. 165 centimeter and she had already gotten the depressing message from her doctor, that she probably wouldn't get any taller.  


He had been nice to talk with though.. No doubt about that. He had really listened, and seemed genuinely interested in what she said. She smiled a bit at the memory, and sniffed in his scent - A mixture of all sorts. Deodorant, various smells from strong-smelling food and a sweet scent she thought was from some kind of cologne. She wasn't sure though. She hadn't gotten it washed yet, as to keep the scent of him in it.   


She looked down at the phone in her hand, plugged in her earphones and closed her eyes. She wanted to sleep a bit, before reaching home. By the time the 4 hour long drive from Copenhagen to her hometown was over, it would be over midnight. She might as well sleep some, so she wasn't as trashed tomorrow. 




Niall flipped his blackberry in his hand, he had been a bit bummed the whole day - Actually the past two - much to the worry of his bandmates. He was now lying on his bed and staring at his phone. It had been a nice, but hard day, he never really got used to all the fuss that was whenever they had a signing. All the screaming, yelling, the fainting girls - He snickered. Zayn was still the only one to actually having made a girl faint just by holding her hand.     


Yet, he was still bummed. Why? He had met a sweet girl, Sophia, the other day - Calm, nice, down to earth, something that he really appreciated. She hadn't seem to either know, or care that he was practically a celebrity, and the fact that he could have a normal conversation with someone, without having 'One Direction' mixed into the conversation was a nice change. He had her number, and she had his, and he had actually told her to call him but.. She hadn't.    


He didn't wanted to seem desperate, or needy by calling or texting her first. But was he really that boring? He'd thought they had, had a nice meal together, they really got along. So why the cold shoulder?     


His head whipped up when wet towel hit the back of his head and covered the mess of blonde hair. He quickly shook it off, and looked up to see who had thrown it, so he could retaliate. When he noticed it was Liam, he just grabbed a pillow and loosely threw it at him. He didn't put his heart into it, and instead of ducking the pillow, Liam just caught it and smiled. He sat down beside Niall, and looked at him, frowning his bushy brows.     


" You seem kinda down these days.. Something's wrong?" The slightly older boy inquired, taking the towel back and drying his hair a bit more, since it was still wet enough to drip when he walked around.     


" Nah.. It's no big deal." Niall said, shrugging his shoulders and turning around, so he laid on his back and looked up at the ceiling.    


" As if. You don't eat as much as usual, nor as often as you usually do. You aren't very talkative... That usually means that somethings up." Liam said, cocking an eyebrow and smiling knowingly at the blonde, who shot him a glare. This was the problem having 4 people, that practically considered them all siblings. They always knew when something was up with any of them - Not just Niall. Harry seemed distant, Louis got quiet and wasn't his usual very physical self, and so on. They all had signals, that the others picked up on almost instantly. Then again, it was also one of the things that made them work so well together, because that usually meant that things was sorted out quickly, and trouble among the members of the band was avoided.    


"So? What if I'm going on a diet?" Niall said, giving his friend a small smile and clapping himself on the stomach to emphasis his statement.     


" You? Dieting?" Liam asked, obviously not believing him and snickering at the mere thought. " That wont happen until pigs fly mate. You wouldn't even last an hour."    


" Oh yeah? Says who?"     


" I do, of course. And so did you, a few weeks ago." Liam said, winking at him and making Niall grin for a few seconds. Then they fell into silence for a minute or two.    


" ... It's about a girl." Niall finally confessed, closing his eyes as he knew he was going to blush when he saw Liams smile.     " A girl? Who?" Liam asked, adjusting himself to be more comfortable in the bed, sitting and practically gleaming with curiosity.    


" That's not important. It's nothing.. Nevermind." He said, chickening out and sighing deeply. However, if he thought that his friend was going to let it go that easily, he was severely mistaken.    


" Yes it is! What is the problem? You like her, she doesn't like you?" He asked, poking Niall in the side to get him to open his eyes and look at him. It worked partly, as Niall curled up at the sudden poke, and let out a small laugh. He gave Liam a push off the bed and glared at him. He hated being ticklish.     


Liam got up from the floor, laughing while rubbing his bum. Being pushed off a bed and landing directly on your ass hurts more than people assume. " I repeat: What is the problem mate?"    


" There is no problem! It was nothing.. We just talked the other day and exchanged numbers and.." His voice faded slowly until it became so low that Liam couldn't hear it. He poked Niall again at the shoulder, and the younger boy sat up.    


" And...?" Liam encouraged him.    


" And I told her to call me, but she hasn't... And I don't feel like seeming desperate or needy by calling her!" He said, waving away Liams hand. The bandmember sat down again and rubbed his chin for a second, looking thoughtfully.    


" But.. What if she doesn't want to seem needy and desperate by calling you?" He suggested. " Then you're in a deadlock."    


Niall opened his mouth to answer, but stopped himself as the door to the suite was opened.     


" Who's in a deadlock?" Louis's asked as he stepped into the room, followed by Harry who was jumping, trying to get something in Louis's hand, which was held up and away, constantly moving so that Harry wouldn't be able to grab what-ever-it-was.    


Liam shared a look with Niall, and Niall shook his head. He didn't feel like sharing it with the others just yet. He trusted them, but he knew that Louis would laugh and make fun with it - Not necessarily to be cruel, but just because he seemed to think it was cute when the others finally found someone they had an interest in. Harry was still teased with Caroline, just for an example.    


" Niall's rubiks cube. He can't seem to get it right." Liam said, puffing at the blonde whom smiled and shrugged his shoulder.    


" Really? Where's the cube? I can take a look at it - I'm the rubiks cube master!" Louis announced, as Harry latched onto his back.     


" Oh really? Is that why you cheat with your own?" The curly haired bandmember asked as he stretched out to get his hands on the rubiks cube. It was incredible - He was taller than Louis for crying out loud. Why was it so hard to get that damn iPhone back?     


" I do not cheat!" Louis snapped back, loosing his concentration and loosing grip of the phone, Harry was fighting so hard to get back. Harry made a feeble attempt at catching the fragile phone but it was already too late. It hit the spot and all 4 boys cringed at the sound of broken plastic.  


" Yes you do! You peel off the color stickers and put them on the same side! My phone! Look at what you did!" Harry cried out and slid down from Louis to inspect the damages. He picked up the phone, and turned it around, cringing. The screen had cracked, it was completely useless. He glared at Louis.   


" Sorry dude.. Not on purpose." Louis said, holding up his hands with a guilty, but still jolly look in his eyes. He obviously didn't mind too much, although it wasn't his intention to break the damn thing.  


" Pft - Sorry my ass." Harry said, sighing and picking up the larger fragments from the floor and throwing them in the trashcan. " You owe me a new phone!" Harry scuffed, giving Louis a nudge at the shoulder. The oldest boy just shrugged and smiled casually at him,     


" Yeah yeah, sure thing baby-cakes... Anyways, Liam, Niall - We just wanted to check if you were up for a twitcam or something? Like, together and stuff? Zayn is already asleep." Louis said, leaning up against a wall. Liam shrugged.


" Sure.. When? Now?"   Louis nodded and looked at the blond member with a smile. " And you Nialler? You up for it?"


 "Nah.. Kinda tired. Think i'm'ma pass for tonight. Sorry." Niall said, biting his bottom lip as he felt a bit guilty. He knew the fans, or at least the majority liked their twitcams. It was entertainment - Both for them and the boys, but he just didn't feel up for it.    


" It's fine. You okay? You've seem kinda quiet today." Louis noted, tilting his head a bit.  


Niall smiled and nodded. " Yeah, just a bit homesick. Think i'm gonna give my mom a call."   Harry and Louis nodded, Liam just smiled knowingly as he got up and ready to leave with the others to their room.


" Hope you get that cube figured out." He said, winking to him before leading the way out. Louis and Harry shared a look, aware of some underlying meaning but choose not to go ask about it now.    


As the boys left the room, Niall laid down again, fiddling with his phone. Liam did have a point. Maybe he should try making the first move and write to her? It couldn't hurt, right? He bit his bottom lip and smiled as he scrolled through his contacts and started typing.  


'You never called! /:'    


Then pressed send with a beating hard. He smiled, and stayed in that position, staring at the phone, waiting for a response. It hit him that she'd probably be in Denmark by now, she had talked about having to go home tonight or something. 

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