Sophia visits Nandos, to get something for lunch. Ditched by her friend, she carries her tray to her seat when someone walks into her and makes her drop her food. Without being able to place the kind stranger, she starts talking and a friendship is quickly formed. But as the friendship grows into something more, what'll happen when the one she likes fails to tell her that he's an international pop-star and tours with his band around the world?

Will she accept it and come to terms with a new life as a popstars girlfriend - Or will the transition and lack of privacy become too much?


5. Just us two.

Authors Note:


Sorry for the long wait  - I've had so many things to tend to. It might be a couple of days as well before I update again, because my exams are coming up! Wish me luck :)   


 • This would be a text from Sophia to Niall 

 » This would be a text from Niall to Sophia «



"It seems pretty peaceful around here." Niall commented as they walked through the small park, surrounding the center of her home town. She brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear and smiled.  


"Yeah, I guess so. It gets a bit boring after a while though." She said, looking on the ground. For some reason, she couldn't look at him, it was hard enough not to stutter. She resisted the urge to laugh loudly, screaming out her happiness for the entire world to show. Instead, she focused on keeping a calm voice, trying to ignore the warmth from his hand and the feeling of his thumb caressing her hand as he held it between them. 


This wasn't fair. She'd grown a soft spot, but now, when they were actually together, she was falling for him, and she was falling hard. She was supposed to be the calm, collected person. Reserved towards guys as usual. So why did he break that shell so easily?


"I'd much rather be out traveling, like you." She said, looking up at him. "It must be amazing to see so much of the world at such a young age!"


"Oh it is absolutely amazing. We - I - Love every bit of it. Although, the jetlag is killing me sometimes." He chuckled and looked up at the sky which was slowly getting darker. He'd have to go home pretty soon. What a bummer. They'd spent the whole day talking, walking, her treating him to some danish specialties. Red porridge with cream was absolutely amazing. 


"So, still not gonna tell me why it is you're traveling so much? And you're not even with your family?" She asked him, she had been trying to get clues all day. With not much luck she added in her mind.


"Nope - That's my dirty little secret." He said, winking to her.


"Damn. Guess i'm gonna have to wait then, huh?" She said, shaking her head slightly. She really wanted to know, the more he told her about his traveling, the more curious she became.


"Talking about traveling.." Niall started, letting her hand go and rubbing his neck. "I'm gonna be in the states in a few weeks, and you've been talking about wanting to see it and.."


"... And?" She was surprised, and curious what he was trying to ask her. Or telling her. It could be either.


"... I just kinda wondered if you were interested in coming over? See the sunshine states, hang out a bit.." He said, rubbing the back of his head with a small, faint blush in his cheeks.


She lighted up immediately. "I'd love that!", but then the light went out. "But I can't.. I don't have the money for that kind of trip. What a bummer." She said, pouting and kicking to a few rocks on the ground. He bit his lip, and smiled down to her.


"It's not a problem. I can.. I can pay." It really meant a lot to him if she'd come. He'd miss her, and the way he felt.. The chemistry. He wouldn't just let that slip away because of missing contact. "No.. I couldn't accept that." She said, frowning a bit and blushed a bit. Obviously, money couldn't be a problem for him, as he were constantly on the move, and he had just taken a trip from Argentina to Denmark. That was somewhere between 10-15 thousands in danish currency. That was insane!


"Sure you could. Money isn't a problem, and I really wanna see you. I wanna show you the world." He said, smiling to her and spreading his arms. "Besides, it's not that expensive."  "I... Alright, it's tempting but.. "


"But what? I'd like to see you, you'd like to see the states.."


"- And you." She added midsentenced.


"Alright, and me." He said, laughing softly. "You don't have the money right now, but I do. I don't mind paying if I get to see your pretty little face." He said, making her blush heavily once again. She had gotten more compliments today than she had gotten through her entire life.


She laughed nervously. "I... I'll think about it. Alright?"


"Yeah, sure. Just don't take too long." He said, just happy that she'd even consider it. He hoped her parents would allow it. Then he decided to chance the subject a little. "So.. I'm gonna go home pretty soon. Gonna follow me to the airport?"


"Of course! But I think the last train to Billund has left."


"I know. I'm going to take a cab this time, only reason I didn't when I came here, was because the driver didn't understand where I wanted to go. The train conductor did though." He explained, frowning, then shaking his head. "You've got an odd language."


"Seriously? It's not that hard to pronounce." She giggled. He nudged her at the shoulder.


"Hey! It is. I nearly broke my tongue when you asked me to say that.. Thing."  


What thing?" She said, smiling. She knew, but she wanted him to say it.


"You know.. That thing that we ate earlier. That red porridge thing."


"Yeah, but what was it called?" She struggled not to laugh.


"Don't make me say it..." He groaned, chuckling himself.


"Come on - Please? For me?"


"Fine! Ro-" He made a face. "I can't say it!"


At this time, she couldn't hold it in more and she started to laugh at the way he tried to pronounce the first word. Danish was indeed a hard language for foreigners to talk, and it was funny everytime.


"Oh stop it!" He laughed himself and nudged her, which just made her laugh harder. After a minute or two she finally calmed down, and forced herself to breath steady again.


"I'm sorry, but it just sounds so funny when people outside of Denmark says it." She said, smiling smugly to him.


"Poor tourists visiting Denmark - Do you torture everyone like that?"


"Of course we do. It's a great laugh." She said, poking his shoulder.


"Feel like making me embarres myself even more, or are you gonna be the one to call the cab?" He asked, smiling and ruffling up her hair. "Short-stuff."


"Shut up! I'm not short." She said, flattening out her hair before pulling out her phone. "I'll do it. You don't even have the number to them, do you?"


"Nope. I was kinda hoping you'd have it."


"You're in luck then." She smiled, a second later calling up the cab-center. A few minutes later she shoved it down her pocket again. "There. It should take them around 5-10 minutes to get here." She said, smiling at him.




They spend the most of the hour long drive to BIllund talking - Niall told her about the places he'd been, how it'd been. She also learned that he wasn't really a blonde, that it was dyed and that he intended to keep it that way.


"But i'm sure you'd be cute as a brunette." She smiled, hesitated but then reach out and touch the side of his head, running her fingers through a bit of his hair. He smiled and shook his head.


"Are you kidding me? You're the one who said you preferred the blonde Niall?" He laughed softly.


"But that was because it was a wig! It'd be completely different if it was natural." She protested as the cab stopped in front of the, what appeared to her as a big, airport. He paid, and they got out, walking to the check-ins and luggage-departments.


"You sure you've got enough money for the cab-ride home?"


"Yeah, i'm sure. I'll see ya sometime, right?" She said, as he gave her a soft hug. Neither wanted to say goodbye already.


"Of course you will! Remember to think about my offer.. I'd love to see you in L.A."  "I will.." She smiled, giving him a squeeze again, then letting go and watched him get in line for the last check in.


As he got ready to go through the last check-inn - Having about 15 minutes left before the plane would be taking off - He stood and watched her hesitantly.


"What is it? Do I have something on my chin?" She asked, but he just shook his head and bit his lip. When it became his turn to go through the scanner, he still hesitated, making the other passengers annoyed. Then he simply stepped out of the line and walked over to her.


She frowned, they'd already said goodbye?


"I'm sorry." He said, as he reached her and smiled a bit shyly. "But... I don't feel like lying awake tonight, knowing that I should've taken a chance." He smiled a bit as she was obviously confused as to what the hell he was talking about. Then he softly pinned her against the wall and pressed his soft lips against her, making her stiffen for a second, then relaxing. It felt as if it lasted forever, and she could feel him smiling as she kissed him back, and put her hands around his neck. Both closed their eyes, until a employee of the airline softly poked Niall on the shoulder. 


Reluctantly, he pulled away from her, giving her nose a small kiss before turning to the man. 


"Excuse me sir, but it's last call for the flight. You have to hurry unless you'll miss it."


Niall groaned, but knew she understood. She kissed him quickly again, on the mouth before giving him a soft push.


"Go. Say hi to your friends... I'm looking forward to meeting them in a few weeks."


He turned around and started to walk through the scanner - Luckily, he didn't have anything that beeped - but still turned around and gave her a bright smile. "So, you're coming? You accept my offer?"


"I don't think I can keep away, even if I wanted to." She laughed softly, waving as he hurried to the hallway that led to the plane. He waved back, and she waited until she could see the plane actually take off, before leaving the airport with a silly smile plastered to her face. 


When she got outside and got ready to take a cab, she felt her phone vibrate, and couldn't help but giggle as a little schoolgirl at what it said.

» I miss you already xxx «




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