Sophia visits Nandos, to get something for lunch. Ditched by her friend, she carries her tray to her seat when someone walks into her and makes her drop her food. Without being able to place the kind stranger, she starts talking and a friendship is quickly formed. But as the friendship grows into something more, what'll happen when the one she likes fails to tell her that he's an international pop-star and tours with his band around the world?

Will she accept it and come to terms with a new life as a popstars girlfriend - Or will the transition and lack of privacy become too much?


6. Airplanes, shopping and unneeded calls.


Authors Note:


Really long wait but my creativity have been kinda down.. Think it's better now though, and hopefully I'll be able to update a bit more regularly. Enjoy!


 • This would be a text from Sophia to Niall 


 » This would be a text from Niall to Sophia «


  This would be a text from Niall to Liam ‹‹


Sophia stared down at her phone, her hands shaking and her heat beating faster than ever. This wasn't her thing at all, she was the good girl.. But her parents couldn't deny her the chance of going to the US, all expenses paid. They just couldn't. Officially, she was staying at Cecilies place, but it wouldn't take them long to realize that it had been a lie. They usually called to say good night, or to check up on her and when she didn't answer her phone.. They'd know.

Of course it wasn't an eternity she'd be gone. Four days wasn't long, but she had always followed their rules and guidelines, and she felt sick just by sitting here at the airport, with her sports bag at her feet , just waiting for the plane to arrive so she could board it. She were almost having second thoughts, and it was tempting running back, safe and sound into her parents arm but...

She frowned and reached into her pocket as her phone began to ring shrilly. She smiled as she looked at the caller ID. She held it up to her ear and sighed in it, "I've been waiting for you to call me. I'm horrified. I'm so scared, what if the plane is going to crash?" She asked with a smile in her voice, any doubts or second thoughts were suddenly gone and all that mattered were that she was going to see him again. She hoped she could lure out an explanation for the excessive traveling, his late calls and busy schedule, while being there.

She could hear him chuckle, whispering into the phone as usual, as if he didn't want anyone hearing him. "Don't worry babe, I wouldn't let anything happen to you. You'll make it here, no worries." He said, calming her a little bit. She twirled a bit of hair around her finger and bit her lip. 

"So, you're there to bid me welcome, right? Otherwise i'll probably never even find my way out of the airport." She said, before looking up. Her plane was ready to be boarded. She stood up, not hanging up quite yet.

He hesitated, unsure if he'd be able to make it without too much fuss. "I'll try my best. If I can't, i'll definitely make it up to you though. You'll find a way out."

"Aww... You're the only reason why i'm going. I really just want to see you."

"Be careful, your sweet words may go  to my head..." Niall smiled, his grip hardening a bit around the phone as he heard steps behind him. "I'll be there." He said, giving in. He just had to find a way.

"Promise?" She asked him, wanting it confirmed, to be sure she wouldn't be stranded in L.A airport all alone.

"Yes, promise. I can hear noise in the background, so I assume you're boarding... When're you arriving?" He asked her, strained. She noticed immediately.

"Around 13:30" She told him, "I can hear someone's near you, you're voice is giving you away... I'll see you in a couple of hours. Take care." She said, smiling as she hung up before giving him a chance of returning her goodbye.

Niall frowned in disappointment as she hung up on her, and looked over his shoulder as someone poked him.

"Come on dude, we're rehearsing. You can't stay out here forever." Harry said, draping a hand around the blondes shoulder as the phone was shoved down his pocket. 


 » You're mad, aren't you? «

 • No.

 » You are, aren't you? «

 • I'm in the air. By texting me, you're risking the lives of me and countless of people on the plane.

 » I'll take that as a yes. «


"I'll just get a bottle of water, it'll just be a sec." Niall excused himself, leaving security and his bandmembers on the crowded stage, where workers constantly switched in and out, fixing up equipment. He smiled, and slid into the silent changing room, and went over to his bag, ruffling around in it a big. He withdrew a cap, a darker t-shirt and a pair of jeans, rather than his current sweatpants. He changed his clothes and spend a moment stuffing all of the hair under his cap, then looked around for a second. 

He snatched Harry's sunglasses and left the room through the backdoor, and tried to fit in as one of the many people who worked around here. It worked, he made it all the way out of the back before he felt his phone vibrate. Damn, they were quick and hot on his trail.

The caller ID showed Liam and his heart bled a bit for his friend, he caught a cab on the corner and as soon as he was inside of it he texted him, rather than calling him. 

 ›› I'm fine, don't worry about it. I'm fine. I'll be back later. ‹‹

He knew he'd be in trouble later, but right now, he thought it was worth it. Just like how management had flipped when they realized that he hadn't even been in the country, last time he had run off. Last time he had been in Denmark, officially to 'See a close, personal friend.'. An explanation, heavily doubted by everyone close to him.

"L.A:X." Niall said when the driver asked him about the address, "And please hurry. I'm about to meet someone there, and i'm running late." He said with a small smile, the driver nodded and so, the trip begun. And the hunt. 


"What do you mean my bag isn't on the plane? I need my clothes, hairbrush, everything!" Sophia asked, furious at the counter. She slammed her hand down into the desk. "Everything I had with me was the damn bag, how can it be gone?!"

"Calm down mrs. It's probably just been misplaced. In a few hours it'll probably be found and we will call you to pick it up. Until then, I suggest you go and enjoy L.A's fine weather." The lady servicing her told her, coldly. Not needing to go through another explanation of the problem, it was what happened sometimes and she'd had already apologized plenty.

Sophia scoffed, and stomped out of the service center, she looked around for a second and sighed. He wasn't here. She knew he was busy and she really shouldn't be so disappointed but.. She just couldn't help it. His smile lit up her entire world, like the most beautiful ray of sunshine.

She managed to get through all the checks and scans without a problem, and stepped outside of the Los Angeles airport, smiling instantly as she felt the sun caress her rather pale figure. She'd enjoy these days.

She looked around for a sec, then jumped startled as someone wrapped their arms around her waist from behind. She relaxed a second later, as a familiar voice whispered into her ear.

"I told you i'd be here, didn't I? I'm a man who keeps his promises." He said, giving her a small squeeze before letting go, taking her hand and turning her to him. He smiled as he gave her a up-and-down look. In his eyes, she looked amazing.

"Didn't I tell you L.A was sunny? You look like you're ready to go skiing." He said, wiggling his eyebrows as he watched her boots, comfortable long jeans, long armed shirt and the jacket draped over her shoulders. She instantly flushed and looked away.

"They lost my bag." She mumbled.

"What?" He asked, raising both eyebrows in surprise. "I'm sorry to hear that. Anything important in it?" He asked, concerned.

"No, mostly just clothe. But it was everything I brought with me, not counting my phone and wallet of course." She said, looking apologetic at him. Then a slow smirk appeared on his lips.

"Well, guess we're going shopping then, right? I wont mind spending my day looking at you trying clothes." He said, taking her hand and leading her to the cap. 

"But I don't have money for that!" She protested. He just laughed brightly at her.

"No you don't. But I do, and I can't think of anyone i'd rather spend them on than you.



"But I like it!" She complained, turning around and looking down at her. She felt so feminine in the summer dress  and the way he blushed a bit told her he liked it too. So why couldn't she have it? It was cheap too!

He whined, as she got over to him and reached her hand out. He took it and gently intertwined their fingers, looking at her with a more serious look than she had ever experienced. "I just don't want anyone else to see you in it.. You look too good." He said quietly, reaching out to touch the fabric.

She plopped down beside him. "Well, does it matter? The only one I have eyes for is you anyway... Although if we met someone really famous, I might cast a quick glance on them too." She said, poking him in the ribs.

If you only knew... He thought to himself and put an arm around her shoulder. "You really, really like the dress?"

"Yeah.. I really, really do." She said, leaning into him. "Pretty please?" She hated asking, but she considered it a loan. She'd pay him back... Someday.

"Fine." He said, finally giving in and standing up. "So, we're done here? You got what you need?" He asked and pulled her up. She nodded shyly.

"You think I can keep it on for now?" She asked, and he nodded, leading her to the cashier and paying for the clothes he had just brought it. Even when she had tried keeping it cheap, he had insisted on decently expensive things, unnecessary luxury. She had really tried stopping him, but apparently he seemed to think that a girl needed everything she as much as cast a glance on.

He took the shopping bags, and they unloaded them into the cab, who was willingly following them around time and waiting. He was paid more than he required, so it was a win-win situation. They took a stroll down one of the many roads, enjoying the sunshine and good company, her making fun of Nialls getup and he poking her in the ribs whenever she tried to grab the cap. He really didn't need to be recognized.


"Just a sec, i'll order something." Niall smiled and roughed up her hair a bit, before walking up to the desk. He left his phone on the table, and literally a second after he left it started vibrating.

"Niall? I think someone's calling you.." She called, before getting up. She hesitated, then picked up the phone, afraid that the other person might hang up before she could get the phone to Niall. "Hello, I'm Sophia, this is Niall's phone, it'll just be a-" She started softly, before holding it out in a stretched arm, as someone hollered. She was used to these situations with Cecilie, it was pure reflex to avoid damaged eardrums.

"Niall you ass, pick up the damn pho- Wait, Sophia? Who?"


Authors Note: 
Oh oh... Shit will go down.

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