Am I Beautiful?

Here is my entry for the fashion competition please enjoy like/rate/comment below

When living your dream means everything to Cassie,then why not let your one and only dream become a reality.Nothing on earth can stop you...not even death!

Cassie has always dreamed of making it big to be one of those models you see on the front page of every magazine,to be noticed and for people to look up to her and say wow.But it isn't as easy as it seems there's alot of things that seem to block her path because - you see she isn't exactly perfect for the job.So she does everything she can to make sure she is...(starting with her weight).....

Here Is My Story Enjoy xoxoxoxoxox :'(


2. Reflection

I awoke that morning with my alarm clock buzzing wildly echoing in my mind just ringing loudly in my ears; where had I heard that before? I remembered I bashed my alarm violently retreating as my hand fuzzed in almost immediate pain.

"Aaah" I groaned

I wriggled violently under the covers,non the wiser - I had rolled right of the bed lying on the floor in a heap - A big thud - I winced wondering if I had awoken mum the sleeping giant.I untangled myself from the covers stretching and rubbing my hazy eyes.It was 6:30 I didn't need to be at school until 8:00 lousy Michael had been messing with my alarm clock again seriously I was going to kill him one day literally,he was mums favourite the sporty one the clever clogs the smiler,the helper,he was never evil in her eyes...I was the great big lump.I sighed and sat up on my bed I scrambled under my bed to the small shoe box I had decorated with hundreds of sequins when I was younger.I unlifted of the lid;to find photos from my childhood..I never normally looked at this I tried ahrd to forget all bout it; it brought with it too many memories but the thing that grew most in my mind was how I grew from that this!

I flicked through them cautiously,nearly all of them included me,when I was younger - I actually looked Pretty!

Now look what had happened to me :(

There were a few with me and Michael - even when he was first born -  the was on with me and him with our icecreams at the pleasure beach - me in my spotty bikini and Michael in his khaki trunks how I missed these days.As I rummaged through there was another one with me I was about six years old at my mum and dads wedding: Im my pretty gown,and curled hair,with a bouquet and the cutest little dimples.I sighed hoarsely.I flinged the box aggravated.

I jumped up to take a look at myself int he mirror! I was a size 14 but I jut looked huge in school compared to all the other teenage girls,they would never have managed to get to my size until atleast their twenties.Atleast they looked after themselves.I looked huger in the mirror though there was still something there! I had long dark brown hair but it lay limp, cascading past my broad shoulders,my blue eyes made them stand out but not with this belly! I had fairly large breast but was that just fat maybe if I was slim I would look gorgeous....It just took time.

I sighed I wanted to make a difference starting from ...NOW! I was sick of it..especially how Mercedes made me feel 100 times worse if I didn't act now;it would burden me for the rest of my life.So i started - I bustled to my bed to find my snack box which was piled with chocolate and snacks that I just munched on with nothing better to do.I ran straight to the bin and emptied them all out in a rush...I would regret this but it was worth it. I ran downstairs and rummaged through the fruitbowl and cupboards mum was forever buying fruit and veg thinking I especially was eating it; trying to be a good parent.So I grabbed the protein bars ,fruit  and headed upstairs,I emptied them into the box and set to work.

I literally ran to the computer desk and turned it on in an instant.Jabbing the button violently I opened the internet tab up and set to work c'mon google! I typed in the adress for Mercedes modelling company thing I knew it off by heart seeing as never stopped blabbing on about it 24/7.It was a big website with lots of gorgeous girls and designer clothes most of these pics were selfridges pics and other big companys,she would never be caught dead in poundworld.Most of them were for a new store 'Lil miss' I had heard lots of random groups of girls talking about it and how they were going to the big opening ceremony...I could see Mercedes now posted on every shop wall.There was a telephone number and an adress they were looking for any girls from 16 and over (perfect).They were even paying a fortune...but then I remembered I turned to the mirror to see my reflection and scowled;what on earth was I thinking a fat lump like me would never get in.

"No" I said a little to loudly talking to myself.I stepped forward almost into the mirror.

"It's about time I showed that Meredes who's boss,how dare she walk around in her 6 inch heels thinking she knows it all,I'll show her."


"Cassie is that you,we're setting off in ten minutes,come down and get your breakfast." Mum said in her normal morning monotone.

I glanced at the clock oops she was right! I quickly got changed into some jeans and a bright pink t-shirt I nearly ripped it straight off but I just shrugged this was the beginning.

I quickly scribbled the adress down off the website and rushed to the bathroom to find it was locked.

"Michael hurry up." I bellowed hammering the door with my burly fists.

"I know it was you this morning messig with my alarm you little open up!

"Alright alright!" Michael said irritated.

He unlocked the door momentarily,sticking his lopsided tongue at me!

"Keep your knickers on" He smirked barging past.

I thought well yes I would have to keep my knickers on soon...seeing as they wouldn't fit me.As I entered the bathroom I rather scrubbed my teeth in a hypo manor,in the rush I was in.Tugging my hair into its normal inhabitants.I rushed to my room.Picking up the peice of paper which I had scribbled the number down for the modelling agency;forcing it into my bag,before it could escape! (

"Cassie!,Cassie c'mon already we're going to be late! for goodness sake" Mum groaned.


The car revved and my stomach did I go!





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