Beauty and Brains


1. Beauty and Brains

‘All that glitters is not gold!’

Yet it is believed and often told,

That ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’,

Then why does a beautiful woman need to be clever?

For the lovely Lida, Lord Zeus turned into a swan,

Consequently, the beautiful Helen was born.

She became the cause of the Trojan war,

Alas! The great Greek men thought she was worth dying for.

Cleopatra had all the mighty Romans at her feet,

For Beauty’s sake poor Honour has often acceded defeat.

Then why should a 'Beauty’ bother her brain?

After all she’ll get everything without any toil or pain.

Oh! Heartless cynic dost thou know?

How hard it is, to get that galvanizing glow?

A nymph like frame, is not easy to maintain,

To look beautiful, the 'Beauty’ has to use her brain.

Hunger and temptation, she willfully desists,

Exposure to the sun, she judiciously resists.

Carefully, she observes every facet of fashion,

Exercising is her biggest passion.

Alas! She cannot always look like a mermaid,

With time, beauty does fade.

So, of her life, she takes the responsibility,

Nourishes her mind and polishes her personality.

It is written in accounts, authored by wise men,

That Helen and Cleopatra were both interesting and intelligent women.

‘The Beauty’ has now trespassed, the former male domain,

So the desperate dotard decries the 'Beauty’ who uses her brain!’


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