Mahatma Gandhi

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1. Mahatma Gandhi


The man who showed us the road to emancipation,

Popularly known as the father of the nation,

An advocate of universal brotherhood and equality,

Yes, I’m talking about Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhiji spread the message of love and mutual tolerance,

He was opposed to all forms of violence.

A crusader for women’s liberation,

He always raised his voice against caste discrimination.

A practitioner of vegetarianism and ‘Ahimsa’

He vehemently propagated the use of the ‘charkha’.

"Truth is God" was his philosophy,

He believed that “The science of non-violence alone can lead one to pure democracy...”

To London he went for higher education,

In South Africa, he fought for the rights of the Indian population.

An absolute altruist by nature,

His knowledge, and global experience changed our nation’s future.


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