The Diary of a Average Boy... Almost

Derek, 15 attends an average school has average friends but his life is far from average. On his rollarcoaster of a life he encounters criminals, drunks and of course ... girls.


1. Mondays

Mondays are my least favourite day. No, really. Getting up, get dressed and of to school. Although I might see Sam after school (My girlfriend). That would be the highlight of my day. But, for now I have something much more interesting to write about. Please, if you like to read about my very, very random life, read on.

Last Monday, I was walking back from the cinema with Sam, she had to walk back to her house so we went our seperate ways at about 8:00pm. To get to my house you have to go through town so I went that way. However on my way back I noticed that there were 4 men trying to break into one of the banks. Llyods TSB , I believe. My mind didnt't know what to do, should I try and stop them? Or should I call the police? I went for the latter option. Stealthily, I tried my best to hide behind a lampost and got out my mobile phone. This device was cheap (Nokia Classic) but it did the job. I dialled 999 and waited for an answer. "Hello" I said. "What service are you looking for?". "Police, I have spotted 5 men, no ,sorry 4 trying to rob a bank".

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