The lemon (Revised)

Lewis Hempton is a 15-year-old boy who have lots of problems controlling his temper. Some think it's his own fault, some think he's crazy but no one can't really figure out what's wrong. This is my entry to the Diary competition. I hope you like it. It was painful to write.

After 2 years leave I have decided to return and start writing again. To start with I revised this short story, which is still my favourite.


6. Jan 8 2013 - Day of judgement

Dear Diarrhea

I was in the court today regarding that no-good-numbnut-shitfaced idiot Trevor. It didn't went so well, Diary, it really didn't. Mr. Jenkins did a good job defending me, but the judge didn't see me fit to run around in the perfect, sane society of his so he made me an outcast. He sentenced me to stay in some sort of institution called "CCTC - Child centre for troubled Children", they might as-well just call it "Last resort centre for your little rat bastard children". The damned judge gave me minimum three years! At least I wont be around to hurt my mother. My dad has come home again by the way! He doesn't talk to me much but I'm glad he's back. I don't know if he'll ever forgive me. I guess I understand if he doesn't.


I'll stop for today. My head really hurts right now.





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