what is this relationship called

This story is about me n my love


1. Introduction


Friendship, Love, Relations we all really don’t know exact meaning of this,what it is,how it feels, and so we all have are own meaning of it are own definition ,Some have it in form of poem some in form of words but I have it in form of person. A person who has given me defination of friendship and love or I can say he is definition of My friend My love, if anyone ask me what is meaning of friendship to you I tell it means him, if someone ask me what is meaning of Love I tell it means him, ya ya u all guessed rite it is story about Me and Him.

I don’t know should I call it a Love story or just a story that I leave it on you to decide, whatever it is this story is close to my heart it is a special story because for you it is a story for me it is my journey of being with ishan it is journey of our friendship, journey of our growing relation, this journey had all the spices which generally we all go through in our relations, fun ,sad ,happy moments n yes fights too or you can arguments,we never really had a fight though,but we had our own shares of ups n downs.

I am writing this book just to show him how special he is,because he is the one who made me feel what really friendship is what real love is, We don’t demand, no complains, and will not say no expectation because that is not true every relation has expectation and that only makes a relationship alive, The difference in our story is we were not in love atleast he was not, but still we were in some strange relation which has bonded us together, we were connected, definatley it was something more than just friendship,For people it was complicated relation, But for me it was simplest relation anyone can have,All we knew was we want to be together we didn’t have name of our relation but we knew some day we will name it ,we didn’t knew what our future is but we knew our present is to be with each other,We didn’t knew what people think about it but we knew what we think about it.

Many people are part of my story who has somewhere contributed in our relation positively negatively that I really don’t know all i know is they are part of my beautiful journey so I have to mention them.

This is story is about us but I am sure somewhere every individual who will read it find their story in it who has been in friendship or love,we all somewhere has been to this phase.the difference is I want to keep this phase lock with me forever in form of this book, and want to tell you guys through this book that whatever friendship ,love gives us happiness, pain, smile, tears everything is special don’t curse it don’t ignore  it because everyone are not able to go through it. We people are lucky that somewhere we are part of it.


Ok now enough of this lecture, I know I over do it sometime,my friends also complain about this ,Now let me begin with my story, I wish you guys would connect with it.

I still remember the first day I saw Him………………………………………….

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