its about the conscince of a person turned gangster. a touching piece of work


1. conscience


she talks to me all the time,


but its in the silence of the night when i can hear her.


it tells me then, where i am going wrong,


and where i am ignoring her.


i have done mistakes,


so  she won't let me sleep.


she count and recount my deeds...her voice echoing in my ears.


i can't see her but i can't avoid her,


she corners me in the dark...i am afraid to sleep.


i swear to listen at that point.


but the noise of my gun makes me deaf.


she shouts out loud....but i am a sinner


i wonder how she is still alive?


alive but brutalised by my actions.


she comes from those years in my life where even abusing was a sin.


she walked with me into the later years where i had to kill even my kin.


she stood upright, looking upon me with those penetrating eyes....


as i sat in the pool of blood, i knew my life has changed that instant.


its said ur conscience dies after a certain point,


mine still lives with me...

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