My Near Invisible Life

"You're crazy," I mutter to Jess, slumping down on a cushion next to her bed.

"Naa, just wait for him," she laughs, rolling off of her bed, onto the floor next to me.

"But all of his friends will be there," I sigh, running my hands through my long, dark, wavy hair. "They'll laugh at me, and call me desperate!"

"Let them," she yawns, leaning against the wall. "You'll know why you're there, and so will he. That's all that matters."

"Okay then," I say reluctantly, pulling myself up, "but it's your fault if I die of embarrassment!"

I have never kissed a guy, and I have never had any other experiences for that matter. I'm invited to parties, but so's everyone else. So it's not my fault that when someone actually notices me, I don't know what to do. And I can't ask Jess for help and advice, because we're just as bad as each other!


3. Party Time - 7pm

I really don't know why I'm wearing converse. All the other girls are teetering and tottering around in killer heels, but the boys are still impressed by it. I know for a fact that under their skimpy outfits, there is more tissue than breast, because they're literally boob-less in P.E, and don't we all know it, they go on about it enough. They think I'm lucky, just because my bra size is a B, and not an A, but boys should think about personality, not looks, but they're all the same - so shallow.

All the Braddock boys are lent against the garden fence, scanning each girl as they go in, then casually making their move. They're actually so perverted sometimes. I hate any kind of attention, so walking through a corridor of boys, is hardly what I'd call a dream come true. They just laugh at me, because I'm quite shy, and I try to hide behind other people, so they can't really see me. I can't see the boy who was outside school earlier, but I can see all of his idiotic mates, and they start pretending to trip over; they really need acting lessons.

I walk into the party, trying to act dead confident, like I couldn't give a toss, but I soon give up on the idea, as the bright lights hit me, and all the guys turn towards the door, to see who has just arrived. I scan the room for somewhere to stand, where I can make myself unnoticeable, but the room is crammed full of bodies, and I'm just stood there, doing nothing. I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders, and I turn to see the Braddock boy from earlier, looking fantastic in a checked, short - sleeved shirt, chinos, and high tops, his hair curled, hanging perfectly around his face. His large brown eyes are sparkling like crystals under the light, and they are looking straight into mine, never flinching nor moving away from my eyes, and I try to keep his gaze, and ignore the awkwardness I'm feeling, but it's impossible, and I have to look away.

"Your name?" he asks, winking at me.

I giggle, "Remy, you?"

"Chase," he replies, running his hands through his mass of curly hair. "Care to dance?" he whispers, his soft breath tickling my ear.

"Okay," I agree, allowing him to take me by the hand.

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